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Guinea Pig Living

In case you missed it, on the “Who We Are” page of this blog you will read a line about me that goes something like “lives a self-imposed guinea pig existence” and there is also mention of me enjoying this lifestyle. Trying almost anything to enrich my life, eating items that I never thought I would (or humans could!), reading any report, research or relevant article that I find and adapt to my life, training my butt off, going to every specialist known to mankind, trialling (legal) supplements, sometimes going hungry (MUCH more on that later), talking about all the finer points of nutrition, training, body-image, sports science etc etc with anyone that will listen and practicing self-belief as much as possible.

This is all true. It has been a conscious choice over a number of years and has led me down some weird and wonderful paths. Something I am most chuffed to have been led to is observing the positive effect that my choices have on others around me; both those that I love and people I have just met. In many ways it is how this blog was founded and now yet another weird and wonderful path to have stumbled across.

To better explain the HOW, WHAT & WHY of this and me, I think it best to expand on the origins of the guinea pig lifestyle choice. In another lifetime, (I estimate to have had at least 80 so far) my choices were rather poor. This is a general comment on the past though it is the most accurate that I can give you. Whether the matter had concerned my career, education, social circles, boyfriends, money, fashion (just terrible!!) and without a doubt health and wellness. I now view the latter as encompassing all of the former points and vice versa, however for now they can be viewed as distinctly separate decisions; all poor nonetheless. A post planned for next week discusses one specific,and enduring, poor choice so more on this another time…

I can distinctly recall the moment that it all changed however.

Almost 7 years ago to the day in fact I was on my lunch break from work, sitting outside in the sunshine with my then-boyfriend. For whatever reason; most likely attributed to a long string of poor choices and the negative effects this brings; I was emotional. Tears, self-loathing and unkind words… the works. Somewhere in this mess there was pure clarity. The unhappiness that had allowed this emotional breakdown of sorts stemmed from one specific concern.

The realisation was one of the strongest notions and visions that I am yet to experience. I was not in any way, shape or form who I had seen myself to be. The choices I made and was making each and every day were taking me a million miles away from the person I strongly identified with. Perhaps she had been buried deep down, though she was now awake and refusing to be ignored.

In between then and now so much has happened. I often reflect on the moment when so much changed, to acknowledge how far I have come and how much of a shift there has been in my choices.

I am so looking forward to sharing relevant parts of this journey with you; our readers.

Nadia xx

Image credit: 'The Writing'

Image credit: ‘The Writing’


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