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Lean and Keen

Day to day I listen to clients and friends lamenting the fact that they don’t like what they see in the mirror!!

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the leanest of them all?” YOU (with the right frame of mind) CAN BE!

I’m a baby boomer of latter years, and have the privilege of residing and working in Mosman. As a trainer, I am the OLDIE however this has proven to be somewhat of a bonus. Having had two children, the status of single parent (still waiting for Mr Right), and undergoing a variety of orthopaedic operations….has seen my appeal as a personal trainer extend to men and women of differing ages though with similar issues…..mainly weight gain!

As a former “Forrest Gump” type runner and in the time before gyms even existed, I was convinced that I could eat anything and everything provided that I ran and ran AND ran on a daily basis. It should be said that this included smoking as well (NO, not the flower-power LSD type)…rather a type named Exotic Slims.

Anyhow I digress….

Sure, the running did assist with keeping my weight fairly stable, but over the years, abuse of joints, poor nutrition along with a lack of muscle strength caused:

  • One of my hips to go
  • My spine to develop bulging discs
  • Both knees required replacement

Fast forward to current day and I am a (bionic woman) daily walker and can not stress enough the importance of strength training.

Ladies and Gents, you don’t need to spend huge amounts of dollars on “diets” or ‘eating plans” that involve an outsider preparing and delivering meals. This includes  those so-called effective “pills and drinks” also which guarantee to shed kilos…

What you really need is a change in attitude and lifestyle. Take the baby steps and see the rewards. This will provide the motivation to continue on and embrace a new and hopefully energised lifestyle.

As we progress on this journey together,  I will attempt to instill some new ideas and ways in which you can learn to LOVE THAT MIRROR…and in turn love yourselves.

Most importantly, bear in mind that what I believe in really is do-able and within everyone’s reach.



This is me. Nice to meet you!

This is me. Nice to meet you!!

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