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Fat loss for sale….??

I am bamboozled by the amount of information discussing and advertising fat loss; even working in an industry that deals with such issues.

As a single mum; now in my twilight years; confidence and self-esteem are of paramount importance. Along my own journey what has become crucial is learning to LIKE myself  first and foremost.

With the vast array of celebrity magazines all proudly promoting stories of “Jen Aniston’s Raw/Vegan life” etc etc… it is vital when considering the large volume of information around us to decide exactly what to allow through our own filters.

Claims of “fat free”, “no dairy”, “sugar free” and “low calorie” living may be credited to work for the likes of A-list stars, or “a friend of a friend who had great results from this and that diet” though let’s be realistic.

Most of us work, have children to tend to, dinners to prepare, lunches to pack, daily tasks and maybe even a supportive husband/wife who requires TLC. We have friends and family, social occasions, birthdays, unexpected drinks on a Friday night and the list goes on! This is life. Another approach is required.

Deprivation of certain food groups, I don’t feel is the answer to our weight loss/fat loss issue. Why make yourself miserable, irritable, tired, hungry, and craving these “bad” foods??!!

2 years ago; as part of group challenge at the gym I work at; I participated in a “fat loss” competition over a period of 3 months. Although a fairly disciplined eater, I was still required to remove all forms of sugar (including fructose from fruit) and dairy throughout the challenge. A severe and obvious deprivation.

During this time all else in my life stayed the same including work, socialising and training made up of both strength and cardio workouts. The result : I lost fat and gained muscle.

BUT at what expense??

I was a bundle of misery….weak, tired and lethargic; not to mention a real “crack pot.” You may now be asking did I look great? NO, I resembled a prisoner of war inmate. Already sitting at a low body fat percentage, my participation was about learning. HOW would I feel? WHAT would the deprivation be like? WOULD my training and moods be effected? HOW would my body react after it was all over? The former questions I have mentioned their results above and the latter….

The day that the competition finished I ate almost a kilo of mixed nuts, 2 slices of date and walnut bread (cake) plus almost a block of cheese and a litre of milk. Ridiculous. I did not feel good after consuming all of this either. The fat loss and muscle gain that I achieved (the ideal result) can 100% be achieved in enjoyable and sustainable ways. Experiences and stories that we plan to share with you.

What can we learn from this?

Extreme methods and deprivation are not sustainable, not realistic and not life changing. Much more fulfilling and successful to start with simple questions…

  • What do you want to achieve as a person?
  • How do you feel about yourself and what would you like to improve on?
  • Are you happy with your current lifestyle or are you searching for that allusive “recipe” guaranteeing a “new” you?

We can all start with an achievable aim in mind and approach the journey with a changed mindset. For instance choose a beautiful fresh piece of fruit instead of listening to the negative talk telling you to skip your next snack and “then you will be thin!” There are a million positive choices and paths which lead to what it is we all want from our bodies. Starting to spend the time on listening (also to yourself), learning and experimenting is more beneficial than I can tell you!!

Above all, do not lose heart. You aren’t alone in your journey and I look forward to sharing more of my experiences and that of my clients with you as we continue along this very “rocky” road 🙂

I will leave you with this thought…. Whatever the goal….

You need to be happy within yourself in order to get the most out of each day.

Viv xx

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