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Aches and Pains

“My lower back is killing me”…..” my knee aches when I climb stairs”.

I can’t begin to tell you how often I hear these words. And yes, I too have been guilty of saying the same….but that was in another life.

A little background information…Various surgeons I have seen over the years had informed me that I’m blessed with a very poor skeleton… My Dad suffered with back issues and my Mum has arthritis in her joints…. I was the lucky one to inherit a predisposition to both 🙂

Ah, but there is hope!! For those of you who only manage to crawl out of bed each morning, or find it difficult to bend over, tie laces, make beds, do daily chores… Learn to understand your body – it’s limitations and weaknesses; whilst working to overcome the discomfort and pain in a safe and pill free fashion.

Our bodies are amazing mechanisms and with the appropriate education as well as mind set; you can train your muscles to strengthen and protect joints susceptible to pain. I know because this is what I needed to do and continue to do on a daily basis.

In a previous post I mentioned being a bionic woman – the first major surgery I underwent was a hip replacement; at 40 years of age. Although skeletally-challenged, this surgery was directly attributed to an excess of running and a lack of education regarding postural awareness and limited strengthening work.

Just as I am now highly recommending being open to information, I was also. A focus on going back to basics – how to squat correctly, sit correctly, switch on your “core,” knee, hip and foot alignment and glute (bottom) strengthening work. This was just the beginning.

As I did; you will feel the difference when you learn to sit up straight and walk with pride. So – GET SQUATTING!

  • Weight through the heels
  • Chest up
  • Straight spine and head held high
  • Arms folded at chest height
  • Use the outside of your legs and don’t allow knees to roll inwards or forwards
  • Use your glutes (bottom) on the upward movement, and your quads for the downward movement.
A lovely volunteer in good squat stance - side view

A lovely volunteer in good squat stance – side view

I usually start my clients seated on a bench with hip, knee and foot alignment before then standing upright. From here I can adjust knee and weight distribution.

This is only the beginning folks….in future blogs I will discuss in greater detail specific exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home or in a gym if you prefer.

Viv xx

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  1. Marlies #

    Great blog – love the mum/daughter adventure!!
    PS why didn’t you take M… as a model 🙂

    March 2, 2013
    • Vivien #

      What a great idea … Will definitely research M re aches and pains

      March 2, 2013

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