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Good and Bad Days

You know that feeling of ” I’m not getting out of bed, it’s too cold, too dark, I’m too tired.. and what’s the point of going to the gym, I haven’t lost any weight or look any more toned”.

I could never and still don’t quite comprehend these feelings of negativity,  self doubt and criticism.
Don’t get me wrong, I am my worst enemy in that department. Constantly scrutinizing all that I say and do but more in the mode of ” get your act together”. My philosophy??

Do something that will put a smile on your dial and make you feel good for the day. In my case this is usually a LONG walk in the early hours of the morning, even if it means a 5am or earlier start.

Easier said than done? No. It is possible.

When I think back and reflect on my life to date; my greatest achievements are my 2 amazing daughters. Nothing can surpass this. For all the mums, dads, singles and seniors too, look at what you have brought into and/or achieved in this world. Be PROUD! All else pales in significance.

This technique; or rather attitude; is such a simple but effective tool in which to change your frame of mind for the day. Each day we “choose to be happy.”

How does this relate to health and well being? For me, as I walk, I try to direct my mind onto the positives in my life such as my family and this in turn makes for a good frame of mind. The knock-on effect is allowing exercise to be easier and more enjoyable along with an increase in those “FEEL GOOD” hormones. Your entire body and mind will benefit from the switch in attitude. Hormones are inextricably linked to weight gain and other various issues which we will discuss here on Mum and Daughter Blog.

Much the same principle applies to how I approach my strength training and also eating habits.
In lieu of wallowing, I will make a concerted effort to train hard and eat cleanly; providing my body with what it requires.
Interestingly enough, after a good training session, our tendency is to seek out nutritious and clean options to feed the body, rather than the “junk” or sugar laden foods.

I know it’s a cliche, though it does not make it any less of a truth.

Try it! Challenge yourself! Pay attention to your thoughts and when you feel the negativity rise, attempt to elevate your thoughts to a more positive note. What you will quickly find, as I have, is that it is possible to reduce and eventually rid yourselves of unhelpful and negative feelings. This in turn can only lend your body, mind and thus your existence a helping hand.

The gym may not be your cup of tea or in the budget, however walking and/or jogging are free and available to us all. There is no age barrier either.

Turn that BAD day into a GOOD day.

Viv xx

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