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To do or not to do.. Detox dilemma

“I’m detoxing! NO dairy, NO wheat, NO sugar, NO meat, NO coffee…and I feel like crap after 2 weeks.” These are the words I overheard a few days ago in a cafe; whist I was enjoying my spelt bread with avocado and goats cheese.

How depressing and totally unnecessary.

I shudder to think how this person would cope on a day-to-day basis. No doubt lacking in energy, cranky, irritable, unable to focus at work, lethargic and unable to exercise efficiently. The why is generally linked to something like “I want to lose 5kgs in 2 weeks!”

In an earlier blog post, I discussed my effort at abstaining from most of the above foods/food groups to my own detriment.
I can almost guarantee that the average person detoxing will; after a short period of time; succumb to all foods that satisfy their desires. The binge. The “pig out.” Totally understandable as well; he or she is starving and needs fuel for the body. The choice then made is not necessarily good food either.

I saw the same disastrous effects with my own daughter, where for a while there her food consisted of  cigarettes and the occasional bowl of pasta sans the bolognese. Thankfully; if you read her blogs you will find her now totally clued in to the how, what, and why of clean, healthy and sustainable eating habits. I will let her tell you about the effects on her body (and mind) in another post.

Personally, I love food too much to be able to deliberately deprive myself of anything. I admit that I am not as dilgent as my daughter though perhaps that is an age thing??


One of my treats – apperitivo

However, with age and experience, I’ve managed to curb the “indulgences” to a minimum (ice cream is my downfall) and my eating habits generally tend towards the healthier options (except brussel sprouts!)
Fast food does not appeal to me in any way and I make sure to have a yummy veggie casserole sitting in my fridge for those late nights after work.There is no doubt that the cravings we have, are a sign of something essential missing from our diets and this is when we end up in the position of grabbing anything that we can to fill the void. It is my/our hope that we can provide you with knowledge and tips along the way to avoid this feeling in the first place.
In my humble opinion, life is too short for deprivation so I believe we can enjoy everything but in SMALL portions.
Have a weekend treat for example and don’t suffer guilt pangs just because you had something “naughty.”

Would love to hear how you go…

Viv xx

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  1. Alex #

    I gave up alcohol 3 months ago in my on-going battle with my weight and stomach problems. Haven’t had a drink since! I gave up gluten in all its forms about a year ago now, after developing an intolerance over the past five years, and stubbornly ignoring the symptoms to my health’s detriment. Refined sugar is the next thing to get out of my daily eating habits, and reserve for the special occasions.

    I’ve always thought of detoxing as a much longer term process. It takes years to form habits, and hating on yourself because you fall down every now and then never gets you anywhere positive.

    March 17, 2013
    • Wonderful attitude Alex and massive kudos to you for listening to your body and making such positive changes. Restricting food groups/types to your body when they don’t make you feel good is what more of us need to do so good on you!
      We would love to hear more about the gluten intolerance and what thoughts you may have on its late appearance in your life.

      Viv & Nadia xx

      March 17, 2013

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