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Detox…The Follow Up

You may have read my previous post discussing the great “detox debate” and you may also have disagreed with my way of thinking. This topic is fascinating and so widely discussed by people from all walks of life that I felt it required a follow-up.

Last week, a local Sydney newspaper; The Telegraph; featured a related article on their front page, “Uncontrolled fasting is a quick way to poor health” and it prompted me to assess yet another “magic cure” in the weight loss world and most importantly the consequences of such. This article discussed the premise of eating what you want for 5 days and then fasting for 2 non-consectutive days.

In all honesty, unless one is an elite, professional athlete; who is disciplined and supported to be able to fast and then eat in accordance with certain parameters; known as cyclical eating; us mere mortals do not really stand to benefit from such a plan. For the majority of us, who do not eat healthily or exercise regularly; this plan can have quite the opposite effect. In the short term the result will be hunger and thus reaching for easy sugar (calorie-laden and nutrient-poor foods). In the long term, the metabolism is effected in a negative and detrimental way. Hormones do not like it and WILL punish your body for it. This all equals WEIGHT GAIN!!!

Whilst reading the article I thoroughly enjoyed the response by Rosemary Stanton; a well known and highly regarded Australian nutritionist. Rosemary expressed her sentiments by suggesting that this program “encourages people to gorge on the wrong foods, thus leading to potentially bad eating habits/addictions.” She also states that, “people who are hungry all the time are more likely to gorge on junk foods and concentrated calories.” She suggests (as do I), that we try to eat WELL for 7 days!!!
Exercise becomes an integral part of this process additionally.

This brings me back to my overall point….


Let us all learn the slow and successful way of eating healthily and exercising.
It is not rocket science though we do need to pay attention to the simple and proven science – think input versus output.
I deal with clients on a daily basis, who have great difficulty grasping the notion of daily exercise and good eating. For many it is a constant struggle and the excuses are plentiful. This need not be the case.

With patience, motivation, information and positive thinking; we can all achieve our personal weight loss and health goals. Daily food diaries, weigh-ins and “cheat” foods accounted for in the weekly plan, will all amount to weight loss accompanied by greater self esteem and confidence. To be able to treat exercise as a daily habit NOT a chore, can infinitely change a person’s attitude to life and to themselves. It is a mind-shift at its most basic level.

Crucially – have faith in your ability to CHANGE and PROGRESS.

Viv xx

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  1. Jo #

    Well said Viv. I am enjoying your posts and am encouraged by your wise counsel.

    March 21, 2013
    • Vivien #

      Thanks so much Jo.. I really appreciate your kind words. Both nadia and I try hard to write with sincerity, from the heart and through personal experiences.

      March 21, 2013

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