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Programs & Personal Trainers

“Just write me a program and I will be OK doing it on my own.”

Famous last words. I can be sure of that as the filing cabinet at our gym is full of unused and unread programs.

If you are new to a gym and have never really given much thought to strength training; a program shown to you by a trainer as a one-off session will not be of great use or benefit to you. At this stage you will have spent anything from $AUS90 – $AUS120 and the reality is that the next time (usually 2-3 days later) you get to actually try out your program, you have forgotten almost all of the exercises….

We as trainers may include visual pictures of the exercise as well as definitions and explanations as part of any given program however; unless you have an exceptional ability to grasp all the technical points that go along with each exercise and a photographic mind; the average newcomer flounders and eventually gives up! Not an ideal outcome for your health, wellbeing or wallet.

Why not invest in your “new” approach to an active life by aiming to budget for at least 10 sessions with a trainer; even 30-minute sessions are of assistance to you. This way over a period of say 3 months, not only will you have established a routine, but you will understand the mechanics of each exercise and will approach your program with confidence (and dare I say excitement!)

Most of us invest in a daily cup of coffee or two without even flinching over the cost. Surely then the investment in your health and wellbeing is worthwhile? A 3-month period utilising the skills and knowledge of a personal trainer; would, in my humble opinion be of great value and worth every hard-earned cent.

Image credit : Trainers on Site

Image credit : Trainers on Site

In this digital age there are various “apps” available to set up training programs. It would be interesting to know how an inexperienced gym-goer decides which app is most suitable for them. The 2 points that come to mind for me when thinking of training apps regard correct technique t0 ensure the program does not cause more harm than good as well as the vital encouragement, support and feedback; or in this case lack of.

I would love to hear your comments regarding the benefits of a trainer with or without the individual confidence, expertise, and necessary knowledge to tackle a program.

Cheers for now,
Viv xx

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  1. Nicole #

    I found this post a great read and would love to share my benefits of a trainer. Taking the plunge to join with a Personal Trainer has been the best decision I have made. More motivation, accountability, personal attention including technique, food diaries, information and feedback, not to mention the friendship and confidence I am gaining from this. I don’t personally feel that an app could have taught me all these things and kept me on track of my goals. Can never express enough how a trainer completely changed my look on life, health and positivity, in the very best way.
    Nicole x

    April 15, 2013
  2. “I would love to hear your comments regarding the benefits of a trainer with or without the individual confidence, expertise, and necessary knowledge to tackle a program.”

    I would also like to hear people’s opinion/experience on working with a personal trainer. I’m studying to be one -will take the certification test in less than 2 months- and I’m always looking for tips on what people are looking for, or perhaps not. Cheers! Subbed.

    April 15, 2013
    • Vivien #

      thanks for the comment…my suggestion would be to get as much practical experience as is possible before you take on programming.
      Understanding your client and their needs is of major importance as is your ability to be able to cater to all ages and differing issues.
      a standardised program is of little use when you have someone with a weak lower back, knees, no core stability and possibly overweight.
      you must try and develop confidence in your ability and ensure that what you advise is the very best for your client..good luck

      April 15, 2013
      • Excellent, thank you so much for the advice!

        April 15, 2013

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