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The eat everything on your plate rule

Are you guilty of this rule??

I certainly was for a period when my girls were fairly young and; with what I thought was good common sense; made them sit at the table until all was consumed. Luckily, I soon realized that forced eating would lead to undesirable eating habits later in life.
Recently I read an article discussing the fact that the majority of parents enforce this rule regardless of their children being overweight or obese, nor taking into account the size of small children’s stomachs. You can’t help but think that perhaps it is also a case of too much food on the plate? For our children and us alike!

According to expert dietitians, forcing our kids to eat everything in front of them could potentially lead to an inability to know their own satiety. So in other words; they will have no idea when they have eaten enough to satisfy themselves.
On the flip side, denying certain foods may cause them to make unhealthy choices outside of the home.

So my position is further affirmed that our duty as parents is to lead by example. For us to feel good about the types of foods that we keep and serve at home and also in allowing our kids greater freedom when making their own food choices.
If we, as parents eat and enjoy all types of food in moderation and ensure healthy options are available at home, our children will have a much better chance of avoiding the obesity issues so prevalent today.

Eating as a family has definite advantages as well where support by example will far outweigh the more controlling types of food practices.
It is much better not to force the issue, than find mandarin pieces and bits of banana hidden under lounge cushions, as I on many an occasion discovered much to my horror. The co-writer of this blog may or may not be the culprit…

I am blessed with 2 daughters who both realize the importance of healthy eating habits. They in turn are educating their partners and my beautiful grandchildren to understand the benefits of eating everything in moderation and that fresh is definitely best.

Fresh produce straight from one of my daughter's gardens

Fresh produce straight from one of my daughter’s gardens

Stay well until next time when planned are more exercises; aimed particularly at non-gym goers.
Viv xxxx

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