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How effective is your training?

As I spend a great deal of time at the gym training both clients and myself; people-watching has become somewhat of a daily occurrence for me.

Though I am not watching anyone in particular, it is quite apparent that amongst the “regulars,” there are many who even after years and years of training show very little, if any impovement or change regarding their body shape, tone, strength and weight loss. This is just as true for the men as it is the women.

What is evident and proven is the fact that unless you up the ante and challenge your body, there will be no change.

Performing the same program over and over again with no variation, load (weight) increases or the introduction of new exercises; results in the body becoming accustomed to this repetitive workout and your desired strength, tone and lean muscle gain will not be on the agenda.

I agree that doing something is better than nothing, though why not approach your training with defined goals in mind and know that you are aspiring to achieve a specific and positive outcome??
Set aside the time during the week that you will dedicate to bettering and beautifying your temple (body) as opposed to haphazard attempts. To achieve your goals; it is best not to throw in a gym session because you have a spare hour to fill or worse still to catch up with a friend and chit-chat whilst attempting a workout.

For success in our health and fitness pursuits, routine is essential as is breaking down your workouts to different muscle groups each time that you train. For example a three-day split would involve:

Day 1 – Chest and Back

Day 2 – Legs

Day 3 – Arms and Shoulders

This of course can be varied depending on what it is that you want to achieve.

Once you understand how the muscles of the body work, then the exercises become more meaningful. You will actually understand why chest and back muscles work together; the push/pull concept.
The load that you lift will steadily increase, and NO! ladies you will not look like men. In fact this is part of an upcoming post from Nadia so stay tuned for that one…

Having a series of different and challenging exercises to perform will not only enhance the body and improve function, though also create a positive and rewarding mental outcome. You will feel that ache in your muscles and know that you have done your utmost to challenge the body to its peak performance, instead of settling for something that feels comfortable.

If you are unsure of how to approach the workout plan, invest in a good solid program and you will not regret it.
Should you want to use a personal trainer, do your research. Watching the trainers at your own fitness centre/gym will give you an indication of who will best fit your own goals and personality. Should you be looking for more of a social aspect perhaps consider training with a buddy, this not only keeps the cost down though acts as extra encouragement and motivation.

I train a few groups of 2 or more and have great success with these clients. We are on the move constantly for the entire one-hour session and I adjust the exercise and load (weight) to suit each person. There is good comraderie and fun to be had whilst maintaining the focus and necessary good technique.

Further down the track, Nadia and I are looking to post a video of basic exercises that will cover all muscle groups essential for a solid workout. Hopefully you will watch it and then give it a go at your local fitness centre or gym.

Until next time – stay well!!

xxx Viv


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