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Produce with a difference

Sometimes in life you stumble across something and/or someone that blows you away.

Your heart feels warmed, the universe feels aligned and you want to tell everyone.

Maybe that is just me… ??

As for each of us, life’s journey offers some weird and wonderful twists and turns. For me; on my journey to better health and wellbeing over the past 8 years; this could not be more true.

2 weeks ago a friend of mine shared an article on Facebook that piqued my curiosity…

After reading these lines, “…think chemical-free, high-quality, locally sourced fruit and vegetables, sourdough loaves, handmade toasted muesli, locally roasted fair trade coffee beans and a bunch of flowers… “I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives and the community; not just feed people to satisfy their hunger…” I needed to know more.

Then I visited Talia’s own website which is creative, informative and personal all at the same time.

What am I talking about??

If you didn’t see my post on Facebook this past Saturday morning or this image on Instagram then keeping on reading. Actually keep on reading anyway….

What melted my heart was the idea of a lovely soul picking up fresh, seasonal and locally-grown produce for me. It would force me to be more creative with my meals as well as fruit & vegetables in general. I would be able to put into practice a valuable lesson that stuck with me from my travels through Vietnam. That was; seeing the local women shop in the morning, to then only cook and eat what is the freshest and best produce at the market that day. There is no such thing as planning a meal having not been to the market; that concept when I suggested it; was met with questioning faces.

Despite working on Saturday’s (which is pick up day), I was determined to get my own little sack of heaven.

Having dumped the big supermarkets from my life in 2012 and only visiting my local IGA supermarket for the essential household items; I had become a friend of my local butcher and Harris Farm market store. Though I must admit when people would post photos from Saturday Farmer’s Markets around Sydney, I was a tad jealous and wished to be able to join them!

Enter >>>>> The Local Harvest Collective.

I will let Talia describe this concept to you from her own website….

The amazing Talia & Ed - image from The Local Harvest Collective website

The amazing Talia & Ed – image from The Local Harvest Collective website

What is the local harvest collective?

The local harvest collective are people who care about how their food gets to their plate and have a ravenous hunger for all things natural and of the earth. They are not only just the people that produce your food , but the ones that actively make a positive choice to complete the circle. That means you! Be kind to yourself, eat well, minimise damage to the environment and most importantly help your local farmers. Every body is happy.

What’s the story…

My name is Talia and I started the local harvest collective as a way to be self-sufficient, proactively support a food system I truly believe in and to provide the opportunity for busy city living people in my area to nourish themselves in a completely positive way.

I aim to create a family of customers that I can look after personally, feed well, share information with and who value the unique opportunity to be part of the new wave of food.

Now are you seeing why I fell in love with this idea?

The Deal (in my words)

I emailed my order to Talia on Tuesday evening and received a very sunny response the very next day confirming my order and desired pick up time.

Never having cash on me, I deposited the money into Talia’s account and eagerly awaited the weekend.

By Saturday morning; Talia had done her part in selecting the best of the best and at 8am she kindly let me in her front door. Although a chilly Sydney morning, we were in for a treat on her gorgeous rooftop/garden…

Not a bad start to the day...

Not a bad start to the day…

The herb garden is growing...

The herb garden is growing…

Blankies and freshly made chamomile tea were generously brought to us and we had a quick little sit down with Talia herself.

A brilliant produce shopping experience!

A brilliant produce shopping experience!

Our loot was a recycled coffee sack full to the brim of beautiful fruit & veg, herbs, free-range eggs, labneh (oh-my-god yoghurt cheese), a Bread & Butter Project sourdough loaf from our friends at Bourke Street Bakery in Sydney (check out their new project here) and a bunch of flowers. The complete itemised list can be found at the bottom of this post.

The cost – $70 (tea and positive vibes free!)

We couldn’t wait to unpack it all!

Sneak peek...

Sneak peek…

Stunning blooms to enjoy at home

Stunning blooms to enjoy at home

This is the 2-person sack though there are others and you can also add on other items that Talia and her partner Ed are offering like an incredible sprouted loaf and freshly roasted coffee beans courtesy of Ed.

Back to my own journey of health and wellbeing…

To be completely honest with you, several years ago I would not have seen myself getting so excited about a concept such as this; let alone enjoying the process so much.

Things change. People too.

Hence the winding path that we each weave and it feels great to know that the produce prepared and eaten in our house this week probably came out of the ground a matter of days ago and all from a farm not so far away from me! This idea is the norm in many places around the world however not as much in the western world and unfortunately it is quite rare in a big city like Sydney. No one would ever call me a “hippie” or related term though this simple concept speaks to me. For my health, for the environment and you know why else?

Because it is quite simply better. Bright, crunchy, bursting with flavour!

For those of you who would love to visit a Farmer’s Market though perhaps the schedule conflicts (like me), or you simply like the idea of someone doing it for you; if you live in Sydney check The Local Harvest Collective out. Living in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, means that your sack of goodies can even be delivered to you!

The next day I had labneh on sourdough + passionfruit drizzled through my Greek yoghurt and I smiled.

Delicious produce...

Delicious produce…

When it comes to food; it does not get much better than this.

Looking forward to creating loads of yummy dishes this week and you can follow them all here and here.

Nadia xxx

Full list …..

1 x bunch kale
10 x red beans 
3 x persimmons
2 x yellow capsicum
1 x red capsicum
1 x pomegranate
3 x sweet potatoes
10 x passionfruit
6 x free-range eggs
3 x lemons
7 x naval oranges
1 x bunch mint
1 x jar labneh
1 x bunch flowers 
1 x bunch parsley 
1 x bunch best root
6 x zucchinis
1 x sourdough loaf
9 x purple eggplants 
Bag of raddichio

Every colour of the rainbow!

Every colour of the rainbow!

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