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Life: behind the scenes

There are not many people in my eyes more determined than my mum, Viv.

Lately her time has been spent focused on study that she is completing. This is why you have been stuck with me for a few weeks on here…

As well as updating you on Mum’s whereabouts, I also thought this was a great opportunity to discuss what goes on behind the scenes; for us all.

Despite how someone may look or present in the universe, none of us are without our struggles. Mere mortals we are and sometimes we break, in one form or another.

As strong, fit, healthy, active, joyful and positive as one may be, these attributes do not guard us from a jagged path at times. In my opinion; it is in, and from these moments, that we each grow and develop as human beings. However that is a whole other conversation…

This coming Monday, Viv will go in for surgery; a hip revision on her initial hip replacement of almost 20 years ago.

No doubt she is nervous and perhaps in some moments, even wished it was not the case for her.

The reality is that we all have moments, obstacles and fears on our journey though HOW we choose to see them and then act is what counts.

Viv was born with a less than ideal skeleton and many years of high-intensity road running took their toll.

Over the past 2 decades, Mum has been dedicated to improving her strength, both to support her skeleton and life! Doctors often marvel at her….

The hip revision was always going to happen though as the pain has increased for her and the time has come; she has prepared both her mind and body.

Surgery is full on for anyone. It is an enormous shock to the body and I would be fairly confident to say that not many people look forward to a hospital stay…

Viv has continued to work on key strength areas and her fitness to ensure that when she arrives at the hospital on Monday; she is in the absolute best position that one can be in. No doubt her body will bounce back better than most and her recovery period will be less arduous. As important to remember is that our headspace goes a long way; Viv’s inner strength and determination will ensure her body is ready to heal and will refuse to take no for an answer!

I am truly grateful for having been taught these lessons in life by my Mum – thank you!!!

There is little in this world that she can’t do.

Please send her your positive vibes for a successful operation and speedy recovery because we can all use those!

I am certain that she will be back on the blog before you know it and potentially teaching us about the benefits of physiotherapy work….

xxx Nadia.

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  1. Good luck Viv, I wish you a speedy recovery xx

    July 12, 2013
  2. Vicki #

    Good luck and quick recovery x

    July 12, 2013
  3. I thank you all so very much for the support and good wishes…My daughter Nadia has been a wonderful support through all my “tedious” operations…her lovely smiley face does wonders for a patient who cannot cope with being bedridden. I thank you so much for the beautiful words Nadia

    July 12, 2013

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