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The next step after surgery

My apologies to you all for the lack of posts from me lately…. As Nadia explained, I have been focused on completing a necessary certification for work prior to my surgery date.

As usual, my talented daughter has posted wonderful articles and recipes to keep you all enthralled.
However it was her latest piece of literary genius that left me very teary eyed and humbled.
I can not adequately put into words how much this young lady gives me the strength and determination never to give up.

It would seem that she is perhaps providing that to others now as well which is wonderful.

Truth be told, this next surgery leaves me slightly apprehensive and anxious.
As a veteran of surgeries now, I guess perhaps I should be cool, calm, collected.
BUT, as I get that little bit older, the body doesn’t seem to repair itself as easily as 20 years ago.
Drugs, hospitals, being bed-riden and unable to do my daily training leaves me mentally at an all time low and the physical discomfort makes for a cantankerous Viv.

As I will have the time to write, it is my aim to log in on a regular basis providing readers with an update on my progress and rehabilitation. This could be valuable to any of you looking forward to surgery in the near future. My downtime will also provide me with a great opportunity to offer tips and support to those still able to train.

Perhaps you could train for me!??

Surgery is scheduled for the afternoon so I will certainly make the most of the morning…

Cup of tea and toast before 6 30am…

A nice long walk in the crisp morning air…

Training 2 valued clients…

A warm shower with the “special” hospital soap (more like detergent)…

Collect my lovely daughter and then “check in” time…

Thank you to all who have left messages of support, it is so humbling to receive them.
As well, being able to express my thoughts and feelings already provides for a better frame of mind.
Let’s call this a temporary setback.

We all have them.

Viv xx

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