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What lies ahead…

Hello dear friends and followers….

As I was perched up in my not-so-comfy hospital bed, laptop and lukewarm afternoon “cuppa” at the ready, I found myself in writing mode and ready to update you.

I should caution you that the large quantity of heavy duty drugs I was on, may have had unusual effects on my ability to sound sane and sensible…. That along with a newly acquired habit of dozing off mid sentence…

So the surgery went ahead on Monday afternoon, after a long and anxious wait in pre-admission. The only saving grace being my wonderful daughter Nadia, who stayed by my side until they were ready to wheel me away. The previous evening my other wonderful daughter surprised me with a visit at home so I felt very lucky indeed!

Of course my re-collections of Day 1 remain very blurred. No doubt in part due to the anaesthesia during surgery and the wonders of self-administered Morhpine, which I was hooked up to until lunchtime the next day.

A wide variety of drugs then followed at various intervals of the day however my fears of suffering the usual nausea, headaches and general malaise were unfounded, and fortunately these symptoms did not rear their ugly head(s).

This I put down to a brilliant anaesthetist, along with a very clean diet and health focus prior to the operation.

Day 2 saw me up and about; at first with the dreaded walker; enjoying a much needed shower followed by removal of a drain, IV fluids and catheter. Later on, as I was feeling quite strong and able, the physiotherapist soon upgraded me to 2 crutches and I relished a walk around the ward.

Pain was still present in varying degrees though I was generally feeling good and I credit the strength in this “old” body of mine.

Day 3 saw me walking with the aid of now 1 crutch, and able to climb up and down stairs – apparently an excellent result given the timeframe. The nursing staff, surgeons, and patients that I would pass on my walks all seemed quite surprised at my progress..

I may have been wearing the sexy white anti-clot stockings in hospital (and for the next month at least); though that was as much of the hospital experience as I went along with. Maintaining a clean, light and nutritious diet was made easier thanks to Nadia who cooked me food and brought it in to hospital. Additionally; when choosing from the daily hospital menu I asked for changes to ensure I could enjoy good quality proteins and fats mixed with fresh vegetables. I have every confidence that this also assisted in my positive recovery from surgery.

Hard boiled eggs, tuna and fresh veggies for my hospital "Nicoise" salad

My “hospital food” – hard boiled eggs, avocado, tuna and fresh veggies

Prior to surgery I was quite strict in maintaining a mainly gluten-free diet and minimum sugar intake..

Breakfast – was always a bowl of Nadia’s yummy killer muesli with blueberries and greek yoghurt

Lunch – depending on the time of day was either:

  1. a slice of gluten free toast with goat’s cheese, avocado, egg or smoked trout
  2. quinoa salad with tuna
  3. lentil soup

Snacks – mixed roasted nuts, hard boiled eggs and mandarins

Dinner – after a long day at work, I would devour a large bowl of mixed vegies and lentils cooked as a ratatouille. If hunger pangs hit me later in the evening, another small bowl of muesli with a little yoghurt would be consumed.

On the exercise front, as it was to be hip revision, I knew my glutes (bottom), hip abductors and abductors (muscles supporting our hips) needed to be strong; along with solid core strength. This was my focus in the gym leading up to surgery.
I can not emphasise enough the value of being physically prepared for surgery.
This is entirely why I was able to move around more effeciently than the other patients on the ward where the average age was 55; younger than me. Not being overweight is a huge advantage in this case as well, it is easier for nursing staff to assist when turning/rolling you in bed, getting in and out of bed as well as load bearing on legs when one can walk.

I left hospital to head home on Saturday where I now have at least 5 weeks of recovery ahead to avoid dislocation of the hip.
This will be my biggest challenge yet as I’m not too good at being confined to one place, nor able to perform simple day-to-day tasks.

The physio has provided me with a few little “toys” to assist with tasks like putting on shoes, the above mentioned stockings, underwear and even picking up items from the floor.

Until my next post, whether you are due for surgery or not, remain positive and strong in the mind and body as well.

Thank you again for your support and well-wishing.

Viv xx

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  1. Nicole Fiedler #

    Such amazing progress and positivity! Your outlook pre and post surgery is inspiring x

    July 21, 2013
    • Thanks so much Nicole for the kind words. I will certainly do my very best to remain positive and get my pre surgery strength back.

      July 21, 2013
      • Thanks for much valued friendship. Fitness is a no brainer for me…but knowing i have the support of friends like yourself and linda makes everything mentally that much easier. Have a great time and try to give yourself time out.

        July 22, 2013
  2. Cherie Nowlan #

    Viv, thanks for the post. I can verify the impact of your fitness and nutrition on your recovery. I couldn’t believe how well you were at day 3 post surgery and it is a reminder to everyone to make the time and effort to keep muscles and bones strong. On that note, I’m off to Target in LA to buy some hand weights for my home workout! Take care and look forward to the next update, Cherie x

    July 22, 2013

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