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The Healthy Traveller

Today marks my last post on home soil for a few weeks as I am off ….  to sunny and wonderful Europe… (North Africa & Asia get a quick look-in as well!)

It has been asked of me more than a few times whether I will train during my travels?

A resounding YES!

As my health, fitness and general wellbeing are about maintaining a positive focus and discipline; putting my health and wellness first each day need not take a trip as well.

However what is important to embrace here is balance. A change of scenery, new cultures, languages, and food of course are all just as important to me as anything mentioned above. Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures in my life and I always feel like a kid at Christmas leading up to take-off.

Tippy and I are off to explore some new and not-so-new destinations; all up 8 countries in 4 weeks so we have packed a whole lot in to the trip!

Excited to be heading off on another adventure together

Excited to be heading off on another adventure together

On the agenda for me is to maintain the fitness and strength that I have worked so hard to have in my life. So I certainly will be farewelling the gym for this time and instead will focus on 3 intense sessions per week; just as I do at home. The only piece of equipment that I will take with me is a skipping rope so limited luggage space is no excuse there!

Generally when I travel I like to make the most of the outdoors, to wake up early before other visitors and get sweaty. Either finding a park or suitable space allows skipping sets, ticep & bicep push ups, burpees, jumping lunges & squats as well. Sometimes; and when my knee allows it; simple running/stair sprints are my choice. Even now, the memory of sprinting past The Louvre early one morning in Paris still brings a smile to my face…

While I am away, 45 minutes of really pushing my body a few times per week will make all the difference to my health and fitness. Both whilst I am away in how I feel as well as when I am back and into the swing of training at home.

Our simple workout video will also be a source of inspiration for me – utilising what is around me and sweating it out.

You too can use the video, even in your home – watch it here.

Each and every day that I travel I do one thing – guaranteed.


Walk, walk, walk and more walking.

You would be amazed how brilliant that is – for all parts of you!!

So movement aside, what about food?

As I type I have quinoa and Puy lentils bubbling away in the kitchen which will form part of our plane-lunch this Sunday. Eating plane food is not necessary and I avoid it all costs! Check out our pre-flight plans this Sunday on Facebook & Instagram.

Once away, will I eat crepes, pasta and Turkish sweets?


Will I also still focus on nourishing my body FIRST and providing it with the energy and vitality that it craves.


Truthfully, a couple of weeks back I did have a freak-out about being surrounded by not so clean food options and wanting to enjoy them. What effect would that have on my training, my body fat.. etc, etc…

Boring! That is exactly what I decided about that particular thought process and also to trust my instincts. I know what my body needs to feel amazing and give me the support to do what I wish so it simply is that easy.

Yes my clean eating will perhaps drop from 95% of the time to somewhere more like 70%, though I have decided I am OK with that. After all, life is too short and I am no athlete.


A tip that I can offer is to stay in apartments when you travel; many of the places we are staying we have booked through Air BNB. This enables us to have access to a kitchen (even if it is a tiny one!), a fridge and the ease of having our own supplies to create brekkie or a snack. Besides, as if I could go 4 weeks without a hard-boiled egg!!

Produce markets are a favourite place for me, all around the world and for so many reasons!

Mountains of deliciousness!

Mountains of deliciousness!

I love the people watching, incredible colours, smells and sights! To me, this is the heart of a city and also where to find the best whole foods. We will spend my upcoming birthday in Paris and have already planned to take our rented bicycles to the incredible produce markets at Marche Bastille before a lazy afternoon picnic spent underneath the Eiffel Tower. Good quality produce, sunshine and my love. Sounds pretty special to me!

Expect posts from both Mum and I during this time and I look forward to sharing with you all what delicious food I find and incredible experiences I have.

Nadia xxxxx

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