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Out of Sync

My suitcase was packed thoughtfully taking into consideration all weather and terrain to be experienced on the trip.

Visas and passports were confirmed.

Hotels, flights, cars and trains booked.

Dinner reservations made.

Pre-trip workouts were pushed to the max.

Plane food prepared and packed.

Seriously organised.

However one factor was seriously overlooked.

So much so that yesterday in beautiful Italy I had a mini meltdown.

Our B&B was awful, we had no hot water, toilet paper or soap and I was both tired and sick of crappy food everywhere!

So was this what my issue was?

Perhaps the icing on the cake though no…

What was the culprit?

Routine and my reliance on it to feel “in sync.”

When I last travelled I do not recall this aspect hitting me as much though this time around my life has changed infinitely.

I live cleanly all the time, sleeping as much as I need each night, training hard every day and looking after myself in general.

Travelling around Europe, and country jumping as I am, this has been near impossible to achieve at the same level.

Workout with a dream view in Italy!

Workout with a dream view in Italy!

No doubt if I had a private chef and luxurious accommodation this would be made a lot easier though right now my body is not responding as I wish.

Feeling less than my sparkling self and over the last few days my body has really crashed out.

Lethargic, appetite all over the place, achy and, unfortunately for my incredibly patient boyfriend, a little intolerant.

Perhaps this is the part of the post where I could tell you that I made lemonade from lemons. Not yet. However this is what I am now aiming for. Sitting here in another airport, awaiting another flight to another wonderful destination I am vowing to simply snap out of it.

As the much wiser and astute part of this blog (thanks Viv/Mum!!) wrote to me yesterday….

“Your sleep, gym and routine will all be here when you get back. What you are doing with someone you love is wonderful and ticking off loads of bucket list items for you. Don’t let it pass you by.”

My growth this year into a self-confessed health nut who lives and breathes “feeling good” day in-and-out has not at all been at home, away from home.

What I am now forced to appreciate is that health and fitness are far more than the obvious eating well and exercising.

How about calmness, tolerance, patience and a positive frame of mind even when faced with adversity?

As always travelling is a master educator. Where we each learn so much, not just about the wider world around us though also about who we are and what we are really made of.

Riding around the streets of Paris = brilliant!

Riding around the streets of Paris = brilliant!

All good and well for me to live as I do at home, hoping to be a positive influence on those around me as well as myself. Striving to be the best me that I can be.

Though away from the routine and life that you carve out for yourself, does this stand up? And if not, can you embrace that outlook as the way it is, for now?

After a cold shower in my shitty room yesterday, I apparently could not.

Today though is a new day and with Mum’s advice taken in my stride I look forward to breathing, living in the moment and simply doing the best that I can.

Whether that be about training, food choices, hotel rooms, transport delays or remembering that I looked forward to this trip for a really long time and it IS amazing.

Sometimes I will not be able to find suitable clean protein and enough vegetables for a meal nor train like a fiend, sleep like a baby for 9 hours and feel in charge of each moment. Nor can any of us. End of the world? Life over?


It does mean recognising that I am nowhere close to perfect and being OK with that is a lesson for each of us. That acceptance is not nearly as awful a feeling as I may have expected. For anyone out there feeling a similar way I hope that my Italian meltdown can help to guide you.

Let’s all be a little kinder to ourselves…

Special shout outs to my ever-supportive and brilliant boyfriend/travel partner who never fails to find the lighter side of life, my incredible Mum Viv who offered such wise and loving advice when I needed it the most and to each and everyone of you, our dear readers from whom I garner such incredible inspiration. 

Xxxxx Nadia.

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  1. Alex #

    Holidays/travel bring out the most intense parts of life, the sucky and the glorious. I always try to ride it out, like you ride out a craving for junk food. Not holding on to anything and especially not fighting it, but just observing in as detached a way as I can the chaos or shittiness around me.

    And what is a holiday without a meltdown? A meltdown = the best travel story given enough time and distance!

    Nards you’ve inspired me to set myself a challenge to travel every year like you have, for fun, and I picked my birthday. Enjoy the sunshine beautiful 🙂

    September 9, 2013
    • What a wonderfully uplifting comment – nice one thanks honey!!

      A birthday trip each year sounds like a pretty brilliant trip to me xxx

      September 10, 2013

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