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Obesity and diabetes: demons affecting our society

It is brought to my attention daily just how severe these two diseases are and their prevalence in in our society.

A colleague that I work closely with has recently taken up a position at one of our major hospitals working with and researching both obesity and diabetes.

According to him, funding for these silent killers is almost non-existent. However both diabetes and obesity affect far too many in our society for us as fitness professionals to turn a blind eye.

As a concerned trainer and one who tries hard to encourage positive lifestyle changes with all of my clients, it is a constant battle to try and instil the importance of exercise and good eating habits.

One cannot go without the other. Difficult as it seems, once mastered, the long-term results are phenomenal and self-sustaining.

It is here that I refer to the other half of this blog, the ever-inspirational Nadia. She represents all that I try and teach my not so healthy and overweight clients.

Not necessarily a life sentence...

Not necessarily a life sentence…

The first step is to download a food app. Trust me they work!

Often very confronting; however it is incredibly effective to better see the caloric value of foods, allowing better food choices. To actually see what one person can consume in a day and how many unnecessary calories/kilojoules all without the necessary energy output is very scary….

Often, insulin, thyroid and hormonal issues add to the dilemma. Although I do not wish to discount these issues, I do wish to confirm that they need not be a life sentence. However if you are affected by such health concerns, you must ensure that the appropriate medical professional has diagnosed the problem. You may be advised that medication will be a part of one’s daily life. Do not allow this to be a deterrent, nor an excuse.

As Nadia has proven over the last few years, one can overcome medical issues (including daily prescribed medication) and still maintain a fit, healthy lifestyle.

The second step is to invest in a tailored, realistic and enjoyable exercise program. The choices are wide and varied. It is really up to the individual person to decide what will work for him or her.

Should that be a gym membership with a trainer then make sure that both you and your trainer have good rapport and understanding, one that will promote positive results.

Just recently, I took on a new client who as a single mum with a 3-year old and no steady income, decided that being overweight and feeling bad about herself was no longer an option.

Already, I can see that she has gained a positive attitude to life and is looking at work options that will still allow her to be a full time mum and a healthy, fit one at that.

As you can imagine this has filled me with great pride and happiness.

Slowly and together we will focus on gradual weight loss with a new eating plan and I guarantee that within the next 3 months this wonderful lady will be both renewed and invigorated.

In anyone’s case; to ensure success; the steps taken must be aligned to suit one’ s life and work commitments.

Always be realistic as to what you can commit to, and record everything.

I urge any of you out there who may have weight issues to really sit down and think about the damaging effects it does and will continue to have both on you and your families.

Ask for and receive the support that you will need to change your current

Set the long-term plan, commit, enjoy it and watch the results.


Viv xx

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  1. Fantastic post! My mum, brother and I have started a 12 week challenge (on Monday- so admittedly only 2 days in) between the 3 of us -each aiming to achieve different fitness goals. Our family is full of preventable & manageable lifestyle diseases (especially those over 40 and on the rounder side) including type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.
    My brother and I want to avoid that for ourselves and for our mum, so hence the challenge! I love your works ladies and will continue to pass your wise words around my family in the hopes a few more join our mini revolution!

    September 4, 2013
    • Go you guys!!
      What a great challenge!!

      Thank you for your support xx

      September 11, 2013

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