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How to sleep like a baby…

This is both obvious and has been said a million times before BUT a good night’s sleep is absolutely incredible.

It is one of the best things that we can offer our body and mind. Better still is not just the one good sleep, though consistent and quality sleep.

I feel strongly that this should be an aim for us all. For some it may be as easy as falling asleep where and when you can whilst many others require a positive and established pattern to facilitate great sleep.

Good sleeping habits require attention and dedication just like other aspects of health and wellbeing. However there are unsurpassable benefits when we get it right.

Earlier this year I made a vow to really sleep. Following years of insomnia-like experiences I felt that this was one of the last pieces of my health puzzle to fall into place. During the worst years battling severe anxiety as discussed in my last post, sleep was one of the most-effected aspects of my life. As the control that anxiety had over me decreased, my sleep naturally improved however….

Aides were required almost every evening to fall asleep.

Not sleeping tablets though a terrible habit all the same, my laptop playing a DVD right next to me all night….

The soft glow of modern technology was a part of my sleep routine and my bedroom each evening. Of course I knew this was not ideal though it worked in terms of settling me.

Certainly not the best habit..

Certainly not the best sleep habit..

Out in the universe are countless articles and media reports regarding the detrimental effect that technology and lights have on our sleep.

Both before, during and after sleep we are affected; take this info for example…

A two-hour exposure to light from electronic displays suppresses melatonin by about 22%.

(Melatonin is the chemical in your body that promotes sleep).

I dare say many readers fall into this category – I know I do!! This is TV, phones, laptops, computers etc etc…

So what do we do about this?

Here are a few simple steps and you can even try them tonight:

  1. Create a sense of calm in your bedroom so ideally this means limiting your strewn clothes and the like to a minimum
  2. Attempt to really “switch off” even before you actually hit your bed so put the phone down and turn the TV off
  3. Chamomile tea promotes calmness and sleep naturally so enjoy a cup during your wind-down…
  4. Love your bed! Replace bed linens and pillows if they are gross or you don’t like them and invest in a good sleep from this angle. Create the hotel bed experience that you can’t wait to jump into!!
  5. Look to dress according to the weather (including blankets on the bed) – not too hot or cold as this has a huge impact on our sleep
  6. Read a book – NOTHING puts us to sleep faster or more soundly
  7. Download relaxation music and play it softly on a stereo/dock in your room

I can absolutely confirm on the nights I read, listen to “Nature Sounds” and don’t stare at my phone, that my sleep is brilliant. A solid 9 hours and I feel fighting fit in the morning!!

For more info on technology and our sleep check out this link – super clever info-graph and very interesting content….

The benefits of a good sleep are endless and a huge factor in health, fitness and fat loss; assisting with sugar cravings and the like. More reason than ever to commit to a great night’s sleep then…

Try it out and let us know your feedback guys.

Nadia xx


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