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A killer (and effective) workout

After not entering a gym for 4 weeks; and despite training during my trip; there is no way that I could walk back in and train as I did before leaving.

Not yet anyhow.

So what did I do for my first session back at my second home also known as Fitness First then??

By no means did I take it easy however rather than lifting heavy weights I instead focused on strength work in a circuit-style set-up and utilised all parts of the body.

Check it out below for a sweaty, heart and muscle busting workout…..

Treadmill running for 30 seconds on/30 seconds off x 10

This gets the heart rate and body firing BEFORE the rest of your workout. I like to start at 70-80%, to be around 90% by the 4th set and at 100% for the last 5 runs – KILLER!!!

Circuit – 4 rounds with no rest

Bosu push ups x 20 L1010841 L1010823L1010826 L1010837

TRX single-leg squat lunges x 30L1010878L1010875

Kettle bell upright row x 15L1010794L1010802

Kettle bell sumo squat x 15L1010807L1010814

Cable tricep pulldown x 15L1010908L1010902

Cable leg kickbacks x 30L1010923 L1010925

Bosu weighted full sit-ups x 20


Once you are through the circuit 4 times, catch your breath, towel off, feel proud and enjoy something like this….

Nadia xxx




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