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Clean Eating review – Kitchen by Mike

Having heard about this canteen-style eatery in Sydney’s commercial-heavy suburb of Rosebery for months, it was time for Mum and Daughter to check it out!

On paper Kitchen by Mike ticked all of the boxes for clean eating in an enjoyable setting.

Just before the lunch rush on a sunny Thursday afternoon we stepped in to the minimal, yet warm and inviting space. What I did know for sure about this place was that the menu was unique each day. The food is planned according to what they find at the markets, put together by a former Executive Chef at Rockpool (one of my faves!) and as quoted on their website is about  “…seasonality, simplicity and freshness above all.”

Tick. Tick. Tick.

We took our place in the not-too-long lunch line, moving quickly and orderly, with none of it feeling rushed or pressured. The only anticipation we felt was to reach the counter, and the glorious food.

A great space - image credit: Kitchen by Mike

A great space – image credit: Kitchen by Mike

The procedure at Kitchen by Mike is best explained by them…

‘Order at the counter, “allow your eyes to play a part in dictating your order” (English Restaurateur, Nicholas Lander) and share with us in a new eating experience.’

Their daily offering is all on display and quite the spectacle. I have discussed in various posts through this blog and social media that I believe we indeed eat with our eyes first.

In front of us was a little bit of heaven in the form of …….. Meat, fish, veggies, salads, bread, clean (and not-so-clean) treats.

Something for all tastes

Something for all tastes

The good and the even better

The good and the even better!

The names and prices are displayed with each option. You are welcome to build your own plate with any combination (love that flexibility!) and ask questions of the super friendly, knowledgeable and efficient staff (love that service!) during the ordering process.

Similar to a canteen line, your plate is piled with goodies and passed to the cashier. You pay and are promptly sitting down, enjoying your selections.

Mum and I struggled to narrow our selections down, in the end we went for:

Plate 1 – Morrocan-style roasted chicken, curried cauliflower/chickpea salad and freekeh (an ancient & divine grain) tabouli-esque salad

Plate 2 – Grilled fish, roasted pumpkin and apple/cabbage coleslaw-esque salad

We also shared freshly cut sourdough bread with the heavenly Pepe Saya butter…

All kinds of awesome!

All kinds of awesome!

Although the menu changes daily there are some daily staples and a general formula which is explained here.

As nourishing as lunch was we couldn’t go past their delicious-smelling chai; which tasted even better! As a lover/maker of cacao balls I also love to try other types and this one was a winner!

Chai & Cacao Ball combo

Chai & Cacao Ball combo

Kitchen by Mike sells their own jarred products and preserves made on-site additionally to some other favourites like Pepe Saya butter (delish!), Meredith Dairy cheese (my fave as my social media followers would already know) and Coyo yoghurt just to name a few.

Beautifully presented and with love...

Beautifully presented and with love…

We finished off lunch with a wander around adjoining Koskela; the gorgeous space housing furniture and interesting gifts.

A taste of Koskela next door (under the same roof!)

A taste of Koskela next door (under the same roof!)

As we drove home to our side of the bridge we felt satisfied, nourished and content. This place certainly has a clean eating tick of approval from us; deserving of both your money and time.

Thanks Kitchen by Mike – well worth the adventure, we loved it!

xx Nadia

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