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Why feeling sick is not so bad…

You know that feeling when you are unwell and vow that when you are well again you will live differently, healthier and take better care of yourself?

Do you also notice how those feelings are quickly forgotten when we feel back to ourselves?

Now imagine if you could channel those thoughts and self-promises that you make in your sickness, bringing them to the forefront and making them a reality.

Guess what?

Each day, to the best of our ability, we all have this power.

Our bodies want to be taken care of. It is in this way that they easily allow us to do so.

Besides if you neglect your body, where else will you live?

From my perspective, health and wellness is ever evolving.

Sure I have fitness and aesthetic-based goals for myself though I have other goals that take precedence and I carry them with me every day.

Keep it simple with fresh and nourishing whole foods. Image credit: Pinterest

Keep it simple with fresh and nourishing whole foods. Image credit: Pinterest

To nourish myself…To be kind to myself and others…To be present…To feel and be joyful…To feel gratitude…To push myself…

Simply put, to live well.

Has this always been at the top of my list?


How did it happen then?

You can read about my journey here, here and here.

If you want to take better care of your health and wellness, for today start with one step.

Perhaps that could be a good night’s sleep, trying out a new nourishing recipe or pushing yourself that little bit more in your workout to discover a new level.

Whatever you choose, enjoy it and feel proud of your positive step.

Tomorrow, further it and try another small step.

As the poetic Paul Kelly sings….

“From little things, big things grow.”

Xx Nadia

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