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Inspiration around every corner…

There was a different post intended for today BUT I believe in going with the flow and something so poignant occurred that its’ message could not be delayed…

Having previously dedicated my time to researching, writing and blogging; this has more recently expanded to recipe testing and shooting for my planned recipe e-Book due early 2014. EXCITING TIMES!!

However along with this new path and excitement does come the occasional fear around what I am doing. Perhaps due in part to working in an area not always so supported by traditional thinking and questions such as, “why would anyone care what I have to say?”or “will anyone like it?” come up… Or the oh-so-unhelpful comparison rounds wondering why someone else is doing x & y and I am not…. As common as a little self doubt can be for us all, I find it best to move through it as quickly as possible. Certainly not allowing such fears to act as deterrents nor allow them to drown out our own inner voice.

So what happened this week then that made this post so pressing?

An especially long day saw me arrive home later than usual one evening. Upon entering my apartment building, the door was held open for me by a lovely young woman with a gorgeous smile. She humbly advised me that she recognised me from this blog, of which she in fact follows. My response?

Blown away. Hand to heart, both figuratively and actually, absolutely touched by this information and connection. I thanked her, told her this news had made my day and instantly beamed for the remainder of the lift ride to my floor. Unfortunately I did not get to find out much more about this precious soul however I want to thank her again for her thoughtful and well-timed words.

In fact, Girl-on-the-1st-Floor (sorry I did not catch your name) this entire post is dedicated to you. YOU reminded me that I am capable and inspiring just as I am. On a day where doubt had crept in I really needed that. Thank you.
It reminded me of our infinite power to each offer this to one another. How living our best self; being a constantly evolving journey; inspires others naturally and all of its’ own accord. This post is also dedicated to each and everyone of you reading who absolutely would be inspiring someone else; even if it is silently.

What did I (re)-learn after this encounter…

  1. Take inspiration from anywhere, and anyone that you can whilst still listening to your inner voice
  2. We all have the capability to inspire others, to push others and “be the example”
  3. Tell someone how they help and inspire you – you never know how huge a difference this could make in their lives

Thank you Girl-on-the-1st-Floor and please be sure to introduce yourself the next time that you see me.

P.S. You told me that you are not as fit as I am and guess what? You are magical just as you are. No need for comparison or explanation; you rock all on your own!!

xx Nadia

Jumping for joy and thrilled to have inspired xxxx

Jumping for joy and thrilled to have inspired xxxx

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  1. I love this. Just found your blog. Our journeys sound similar, but, wonderfully unique. Thank you!

    November 15, 2013
    • Thank you so much Kathleen – it is wonderful to receive messages like this!

      Take care and I look forward to checking out your journey xx

      November 15, 2013
  2. Nadia you have truly amazed me with your dedication and positive approach to your life and your goals. I hope that everything you put your mind and body to reaps its rewards

    November 17, 2013
    • What lovely and kind words – thank you!!!!

      November 18, 2013

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