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How to end the battle between the cake and the carrot

It’s OK not to dream about eating kale.

You see images on Facebook or Instagram of these healthy, shiny people waking up all excited about kale and you feel bad.


The next day you vow that you will wake up and eat green vegetables.


I can assure you that I do not wake up each day thinking that I need to eat green vegetables.

I certainly don’t force myself to do so.

I just want them.

And guess what?

I am no more special than you are. 

There are no mind games or special tricks that I play on myself. It just works that way, plain and simple. So get excited!

How does it work that way you ask?

To answer this, let us extend the discussion of eating kale to the overall consumption of nutritious and nourishing food…

When you consistently give your body the fuel that it requires, your body rewards you, infinitely. Less lethargy, moodiness and more vitality, health and wellness for starters. You are more in tune with your body.

Green smoothie delicious-ness

Green smoothie delicious-ness….

The steps are simple and you can start small:

1.    Today replace one processed food item with a whole food that you enjoy

The sky is the limit here so begin with something that you are comfortable with. For example, instead of your afternoon sugar fix try a banana with a small handful of raw nuts. Not only will you feel awesome for doing so though you will also feel satisfied and nourished and for far longer than the former option.

2.    Tomorrow capitalise on and repeat step 1 

Capitalise on the success and ease of step 1 focusing on how much more energy and vitality you felt when choosing whole foods over processed options. Reflect upon how they made you want more of the same rather than the processed non-whole food options. Now do it again, whether that is the same choice as yesterday or you could try out a whole food option for dinner. This can be as simple as choosing free-range organic chicken breast instead of supermarket sausages.

3. Repeat steps 1 + 2 

Enjoy the previous steps learning about and trying new whole food options. Continue to repeat each day also enjoying the additional energy, motivation, clarity, focus and smiles that you possess. Momentum begins to step in around now.

This cycle in turn leads to no longer needing to think about eating nourishing food or forcing yourself to. Your body simply tells you what to give it and what it needs. The exact opposite of how when we eat sugary, preservative-laden and processed food we just want more of that.

In other words it is no longer a battle between the cake and the carrot and how great would that be??!!

How will you take your first step?

xxx Nadia

P.S. It should be noted that cake every now and again is by no means a problem and in fact it should be seen in a positive light. A life of balance is well-lived though this post was focused on the notion that once living well is in motion for you, those feelings & actions of imbalance i.e. cravings; are no longer a concern.


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