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Time for a NEW resolution

You know how it goes at this time of year right?

Leading up to the Festive period, reason and routine seemed unimportant; that they were somehow not in the Festive-spirit!? So perhaps you slept less, ate and drank more, or even cancelled your gym session on a few occasions??

Guess what? We are human and it happens! Your health in the long-run is not down to how you lived for one week; at this time of year I figure go with what feels right and what it is that you really desire. If you skip your normal bedtime and enjoy a few more glasses of wine than usual; no real harm will be done. I repeat; it is NOT the end of the world.

However I can not guarantee that you will escape the consequences entirely… Hangovers are nasty things…

If this sounds like you, remember it is not a reason to throw your health out the window. Many people do exactly this once they perceive to have “failed” through the above activities. Rather, embrace what has been and move on. Those mince pies, champagne cocktails and lashings of ham will soon be a distant memory once your regular nutritious eating and exercise are back on the program.

Now as we draw to the end of 2013 you will see, hear and (perhaps make) a whole lot of promises AKA resolutions. I tend to think of this time of year as a much larger version of “my diet starts Monday!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the cleansing nature of one year ending and a new year commencing. In fact, I have made it a point to mark this occasion with loved ones over the past 4 years celebrating wonderful trips all over the globe. It has been my belief for a number of years, that how I spend New Year’s Day sets the tone for the year to follow. Running in blistering conditions through Central Park in New York City provided a fairly epic reference point for 2012!

Having never been one to make resolutions before, this time around I have spent a lot of time thinking about this notion and how it can assist people.

The “clean start” aspect of a New Year is exactly what offers so much hope to us all and this I feel is a wonderful outlook. Resolutions, goal-setting, dreams, hopes, or whatever you want to label them; are fantastic and I say go for it! Say it loud and proud to yourself, write it down and put your focus exactly where you want it for the year that lays ahead.

Forget the negative, unhelpful & often appearance-based resolutions that abound in our world, such as “I will lose 10kg by my birthday” or “My size 8 jeans will fit me by the end of the year” or “I will give up carbs” and think about what it is that you are truly seeking instead.

Is it that you desire to feel well, nourished, vital and bounding with energy? Able to do almost anything with little to no stress, pain or issue? To live life to the fullest and in the best possible way? Is this not what life is all about??

Guess what? Once you are clear on this and focus your life accordingly, your body rewards you infinitely. Those extra kilograms or health concerns may no longer be a factor as your body happily regulates itself now that you are in tune with it.

Wouldn’t that be the best?

It is possible. It is within your reach and it is not by any means about deprivation, diets, crazy exercise plans or doing anything that you don’t wish to do.

Start small and from where you are right now. Ditch the detox and focus on joy.

I was thinking that a wonderful New Year’s resolution would be to love all of you. To see yourself as whole and wonderful, just as you are.

As a wise client said to me, “I worked out a long time ago that to deny any part of myself was to be a less than whole person. That even the worst experiences and emotions are all a part of me, and that I should affirm my entirety as a person, not focus on the little bits to bring myself down.” Pretty darn spot on I think!

For me, this is exactly what I plan to focus on. Loving each part of who I am and seeing the potential and blessings that I possess. Less negative self-talk about those parts of myself I am not so confident in and more embracing of them as they make up my whole being.

Embracing it all!!

Embracing it all!!

Happy New Year to each of you and see you on the other side…

xxx Nadia

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  1. What a wonderful thought. Love this

    January 1, 2014
    • Thanks Kathleen – so glad you enjoyed it.
      Happy New Year to you!

      January 1, 2014

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