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Appetite guilt

This interesting topic came up in discussions with a lovely client of mine recently and once delved into; I realised how insidious it could be.

As this lovely lady is currently looking to lose excess weight and regulate the balance in her body, the matter of her appetite has been in the spotlight throughout our conversations.

The concept of a large appetite felt in some ways to her, as failure and I realised that she is not alone.

Whenever I may take a second helping of food within a social setting, I can most certainly attest to at times feeling the need to publicly explain my ravenous appetite to whomever may be in earshot.


I am hungry and eating whole, nutritious food.

Why does a perceived large appetite make me feel inferior, as if something is wrong with me or that I am a greedy eater?

Perhaps you too have felt this way, or the reverse could be true for you?

When you feel minimal to no appetite, this is somehow a state to be celebrated.

Goodness gracious!

Whether you are familiar with this feeling or not, reading those words, I know that you too think this is outrageous. We need to eat. If we don’t, we die. It is that simple. Sure there are loads of theories, nuances and shades of advice on how to eat however the reality is that we simply must eat.

This post is not about me giving you permission to nourish your body as I can not provide that to you though what it is about is you empowering yourself. Acknowledging the demonising of our appetites, especially as women and that you don’t wish to live your life that way.

There is no prize for starving yourself and skipping meals. Feeling light-headed, fuzzy and unable to concentrate are a fairly average reward for such behaviour in my opinion and I know that you deserve better.

Now you need to know it.

Listen to your body, embrace your appetite, nourish yourself with delicious whole foods and enjoy it. Life will taste better when you do…w

xxx Nadia

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