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Motivation – where does it come from?

Whether it is the after affects of an overly festive Christmas and New Year, a recent injury, or the recurring and inhibiting pain associated with debilitating conditions such as Arthritis; your motivation may have gone missing.

Motivation for change, for growth, for development.

Many of us struggle to locate the necessary tools required to overcome pain, discomfort, fear, self doubt and how to implement that all important change.

So I ask the question…. Where do we find motivation?

For me, initially I will use health & wellbeing as an example. Fortunately exercising daily makes me feel so good that I experience no difficulty in maintaining this motivation. In the same way I adore nutritious, whole foods and as such I require no motivation to “kick” the processed food habit.

Where I do struggle to find and maintain motivation is in the realm of self-challenge and development. To see what I am truly capable of and achieving new dreams for now, alludes me.

Whatever area of your life may be lacking some motivation, it may very well be the fear factor of facing the unknown. Because of this fear we are often unable to try something different, take risks and no longer rely on sheer laziness with excuses like ” too old,” “too set in my ways,” “too hard,” “too expensive” and so on…

It is in this way that to me it seems apparent, motivation is really self-belief with another label. Once you believe in yourself and a choice, the motivation arrives as well as becoming stronger and further self-perpetuting as you continue along this new path.

So how do we develop this self-belief?

First and foremost, we need to have an honest look at ourselves. Evaluating who we are and what is it that we would like to change/achieve.

Saying this out loud to yourself initially can be incredible powerful. Perhaps say it as well to a trusted person in your life. Really own this ambition for ourselves.

Additionally there is absolutely no shame in requiring external, and expert assistance. At some stage, we all need this and the benefits can be infinite! Whether this be a personal trainer, life coach, dietician, nutritionist, counsellor or even financial planner, the right person and an incredible new step may be just around the corner for you. Acquiring additional skills and/or perspective could be the missing link to gaining your momentum and motivation.

There is no right or wrong way to go about this however what is identical in each case, is that whatever path is taken needs to come from the soul. Our heart, body and mind need to be on board, the same board. It is in this way that the determination to succeed will be with us on a daily basis.

I truly believe in the power of the mind. Only you will be the one to think positively and see your dreams

Where I can advise you is with regard to weight loss and exercise. Visuals such as old photos or inspiring people can be of wonderful assistance. You could use the virtual pin board known as Pinterest or simply stick them on your fridge where you will see them everyday. Food diary apps can be downloaded and are a very useful tool which you can follow through and use daily. What time of day do you prefer to exercise? Do that. Forget what a gossip magazine said was the most effective time of day. What is the point if you are half asleep and hating every minute???! This will never last and it is important to have a routine and stick to it so make it one that you actually like.

While on the subject of magazines, you will find no joy in following the latest diet trend that they may be sprouting. Rather it is the age old story which most of us do not want to hear, developing eating habits that are nutritious, enjoyable, satisfying and portion controlled.

By all means set yourself big picture health and wellbeing goals however then break these down into a handful of short-term goals. They should be more easily digestible (taking into account our diminished motivation) and reasonably achievable within a period of time such as a week or a month. I would suggest that these are performance related as they are super satisfying to achieve! For example to run/walk at least 4 times a week or to reduce sugar intake 5 days out of 7.
Once the short-term has been achieved, the long-term/bigger picture concept becomes real to you. It no longer feels a million miles away and out of your reach.
Better still, over time how you have been living your life, achieving these goals, then becomes a lifestyle change; one in which you will never look back.

Apply the same idea to whatever your dreams may be. The initial step is always the hardest so just fall into it.

To finish off I thought I would share with you that I have decided that this (2014) is the year that my dreams will come true. The hardest part has already happened too, those first small baby steps have been taken. Terrifying sure but life is far too short for anything else. Watch this space…

Remember, it is not a sin to feel unmotivated. Anything that’s new or challenging usually requires that extra push from somewhere inside of us.

I have faith in you all to be the best that you can be. Don’t settle for second best.

Viv xx

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  1. Hi viv,

    What a wonderful post. I’ve found this a most timely post for myself. I have had a recent stumbling block plonk itself in my path, and it was all my own doing. So true that the only person we can change is ourself, in addition to being the best person to do so.

    Thanks for your wise words!

    January 12, 2014
    • i’m so glad that you benefited from my last post and i truly hope that the “stumbling block” of recent times will be “unplonked” through a new and positive approach to your life.
      viv xx

      January 12, 2014

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