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Is ageing gracefully possible?

Whatever your age, be honest, do you have a few anti-ageing creams in your bathroom? Perhaps some of them even cost 1/4 of your weekly salary?

Have you tried home remedies from glossy magazines? You know the ones that promise to lessen fine lines and give the appearance of youth?

Perhaps you have had or dreamt of cosmetic intervention?

You are not alone.

And there is no judgement here.

I can absolutely relate to the ageing process, as well as all the fear and concern surrounding it. As a 60-something Fitness Professional in a youth-focused industry, the physical component of ageing is an even harder concept to escape.

Having recently met the iconic Jane Fonda, who at 76 years young looks amazing, I am further convinced that ageing gracefully is possible.

Mum and Daughter with Fitness royalty...

Mum and Daughter with Fitness royalty…

There may be loads of tricks that people swear by, however, in most cases there is no secret potion. The old fashioned adage of good living is the only trick here. Equal parts consistent exercise through your life, restful sleep, clean water and nourishing food is what your body will thank you

 In my experience love (of self and others), joy, fun and your overall wellbeing make a huge difference too!

A far cheaper solution is living well, which involves both exercise and nutrition.

Divine products here and there don’t go astray either and I swear by 2; Bio Oil & Rose Hip Oil as a low-cost/high-value treat for your skin! Even my fellow blogging daughter has recently started using Organic Rose Hip Oil and after many years battling cystic acne as well as the subsequent fear over use of many products, is very impressed with her glow!

Cheap, cheerful and loaded with nature.

Cheap, cheerful and loaded with nature.

The other important fact here is even simpler. Maybe we all (myself included) need to ease up on ourselves, showing the dignity and grace that maturity bestows upon us. Lessening our focus on the exterior so that we radiate pride, confidence and therefore beauty.

On the body side of things, ageing gracefully is about consistent care and maintenance. We can all try our best to keep gravity at bay through a regular exercise program alongside clean & nutritious eating.

Look at the overall picture, be kind to yourself, move your body and most importantly truly love you. Once you look to better accept who you are and love all of yourself, the universe has endless options for you.

At any age.

Never give up the challenge my friends.

Viv xxx

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