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The Power of Being

Even in something as simple as presence, the power that we as people hold is astounding. That is both presence with others and with ourselves.

In fact it can be the best asset we possess in this universe.

Simply being, full of love and gratitude, next to and around others, holds immense value. I have never been more aware of this as I am now. How all facets of life can benefit from this same value and how underrated it is for most of us.

Currently in Melbourne and sitting with my beloved Nanu (grandmother) each day is an awesome experience.

To see her, to be with her and to be fortunate enough to have her in my life is something I am very grateful for. Although sadly now at the end of her life, being with her; reading to her, laughing and remembering all the memories that we have together, holding her hand and stroking her hair; is a lesson in so many ways.

A lesson in the now.

A lesson in being present in the moment.

A lesson in not thinking 20 steps ahead.

As usual my talented, inspiring and wise Nanu is teaching me

Health and wellbeing is very much linked to such concepts and if my 93 year old grandmother; always having been in good health is anything to go by; then this is really something to consider.

Being present in the moment holds infinite value for us all.

It provides relief from overwhelming emotions and undue stress. Enables us to be clear and wise in our decision making, making better choices for our wellbeing. Think about it how often is anxiety and fear about the future?

These clear and wise decisions are evident for example when you choose how to nourish your body paying attention to your actual state and relevant needs as opposed to a knee-jerk response from some other influence. Or how about being present in each moment of your workout enabling you to appreciate the challenge and protect yourself from injury at the same time?

Another opportunity is enjoying time with a good friend and really hearing what they have to say to you. Not being pre-occupied with 5000 other activities nor your phone, but really and truly with them and loving every second.



No doubt there are those among us who have mastered this concept or at least find that it comes more easily to them.

I am not a part of this demographic.

Though I do know that little by little I achieve this state more and more. Like most things, practice makes perfect and this outlook is a muscle that needs flexing in order to grow.

I am enjoying the process and know that you can too.

You can enjoy learning how to be as well as the joy that comes from being.

A few years ago these ideas would have felt all too foreign and far-reaching to my world. However, I have learnt that their practicality and power is absolutely real with your investment paid back time and time again. Working 60 hours a week, running myself ragged ticking things off some mental checklist and in general never stopping to be, I can assure you that there is another way.

Start small and give this a go for yourself.

  1. Next time you are with a loved one, put down your phone/newspaper/whatever and really listen. Watch their face intently and turn your ears up.
  2. Tomorrow morning try your best not to eat breakfast, check Facebook, and brush your hair at the same time. One thing at a time.
  3. When you find yourself stressed or frazzled about something in your future, stop. Remember that all you actually have is right now, this second. Live in that one and make the best choice that you can for the present. In its’ way, this takes care of the future for you.
  4. Repeat and expand on these steps, taking the practice more and more into your everyday life.

It is worthwhile and you are capable.

Remember: you have everything that you need to live the life you want.

Nadia xx

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