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How Far We Have Come + Anniversary Giveaway

You were not always where you are right now.

We didn’t start here and we have all been in other places.

Don’t believe me?

Simply cast a glance back to see for yourself.

See the shoes that you are in now compared to a time before today. There is a time for all of us that we think will never pass, or the opposite, that a time will never come. There was, for example, a point in your life where you could not have even read this post.

The point to make here is that as you are right now, something that you want seems impossible to attain or at least out of reach from your current position. Perhaps it is making it through to the end of a cycle class? Consuming less processed food and more whole foods on a daily basis? Leaving the job that you despise and feel trapped in? Standing up for yourself within a toxic social setting?

Or a general sense of health, wellbeing and happiness could be what you crave though it seems so far out of your grasp?

I know a little about all of this, especially that last desire. In fact I was in that space up until a year ago.

Tired from my own existence and with little view as to how to change that reality. Feeling suffocated by the life that I had carved for myself with my very own hands. Low. One decision led to another. Baby steps. And then a snowball effect.

An awesome, powerful and inspiring snowball which provided me with the momentum and belief that I needed to forge ahead. In my case this took years.

I can absolutely confirm though that I never thought I would be where I am now.

Let it be known that I was a poorly behaved teenager submerged in toxic and damaging relationships, struggling with depression and anxiety, a heavy smoker who cared not at all for my own body, angry and lost.

That was then. Today I have just celebrated my favourite day of the year; other than my birthday; the anniversary of stopping smoking and 2014 marks 8 whole years!

As the baby steps were taken, these layers fell away too. Not at all at once and not without some backsliding as well. Even as I emerged a healthier and more vital version of myself a few years ago I was still stuck in a damaging cycle.

One waged within my own head. With grounding, stability and incredible support around me, thanks to better decisions than those above, I took back control.

So did my heart find what it was seeking?

What happened surpassed even my wildest dreams so I guess, yes would be my answer?!

No longer feeling trapped living by another’s (society) rules. No more heaviness.  No sleepless nights or caffeine-fueled days. The inner strength to walk away from toxicity; both within and without.

In their place, sky-rocketing levels of happiness, health and wellbeing. A true joy that exists in my world each and everyday.

Life tastes better.

This time last year, Mum and I had just started this blog. Initially borne from my strong desire to spend more time with my Mama and in a meaningful way.

It has been a blast!

It has been a blast!

It has been incredibly rewarding, in ways that I never planned or saw coming however it is still providing the only intention that I ever had for it. That of love and fun in our almost 100 posts so far!

I both love and have fun working on and around this blog, with clients and our social media channels.

It is with great pride that we share with you our stories and experiences, that we bring to you products and brands that we know are worth your time and ours. Partnering with companies who have the same values as we do and who we support.

The fact that we have a constantly growing and amazing audience each with their own story is nothing short of incredible.

This is where you take a bow.

Thank you for what you have given back to me and us.

Your support says more than words ever could.

So what now?

Well for the blog, 2014 will see it receive a fresh look with more content and new arms for you to explore.

My first recipe eBook, in a collection, will be launched within the next few weeks and we look forward to teaming up with more inspiring and valuable partners and contributors as well.

Get excited about more recipes, more photographs, more advice and insight, more of us and a few exciting projects in the works as well!

For me personally, 2014 will see me take my next steps forward. The journey doesn’t stop now that I am where I am. The journey is life. Constantly evolving, as it should be, as it was designed to do. The two are inextricably linked with the difference being I now know and embrace this.

A year ago I didn’t know it and am now astounded daily by who and what I am as well as what I am doing.

This year I marry my favourite person in my favourite part of the world and in our own way. I am immensely excited to share this growth in me and my journey, with Mum and other loved ones. I have more more travel is planned as every trip provides such enormous insight, self-development and memories! I once heard that “travel is the only thing money can buy that makes you richer” and I could not agree more!

Study and a few collaborations are on the cards as well as realizing more my own capabilities and not wanting to shy away from them. Stamping my own imprint on the world each day.

To give back and celebrate our first anniversary of Mum and Daughter; I am giving away 3 copies of my first recipe eBook to you lovely readers.ebook marketing


Volume 1 – Salads

I put this collection together after making easy changes to my own eating habits, seeing benefits and being hounded for the recipes. Welcoming more whole and raw foods into my life has brought me great health and lifestyle rewardsWe are designed to eat wholefoods, as close to their natural state as possible and the rewards for this are infinite. This book and my approach to eating is not about diets, gimmicks or extreme methods. I eat well because it makes me feel great. By adding some of these salads to your week and your insides and outsides will glow with gratitude.

To enter is simple.

TIP_0393[2] copy

Entries are open until midnight on Monday 10th March 2014 AEDST and the winners will be announced via Instagram – GOOD LUCK!

Last but not certainly not least is this pearl of wisdom for you….

Live as if it were on purpose.

Nadia xx

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