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Clean Eating Review – The Penny Royal

Everyone loves their local; Mum and I are no different.

I found out this week in fact, that Mum was the first customer of our favourite local spot (of course she was!) almost 8 years ago!

Our go-to place for coffee, conversation and delicious, fresh food is located in a Mosman laneway, on Sydney’s North Shore.

The Penny Royal.

Serving delicious Campos coffee in a slick setting and alongside menu items like gluten + grain-free maple nut muesli, The Protein Plate and house-made nut & seed “bread”, this place has the clean eating tick of approval from us!

A regular Mum and Daughter catch up venue with a great playlist, lively team and an awesome owner by the name of Chloe who took over the place in early 2013; having made it her own since then. Whether you choose the action-packed and cosy indoor seating, or like us the people-watching seats outside, you will not be disappointed.

image credit : Tippy Dray

image credit : Tippy Dray

So what was for lunch when we visited?

Mum had one of her favourites – the Ponzu tuna with wild black rice, toasted sesame seeds, avocado, shallots and a boiled egg.L1020229

Meanwhile I ordered The Clean Eater (ah hello!!) with an extra egg, a side of chickpeas and soy + linseed bread


Those chickpeas are sublime!! Try as I might to recreate them at home, I can never quite make them as well…

The newest addition to their menu is the house-made nut & seed loaf consisting of psyllium husk, linseed, chia seed, sesame seeds, pepitas, sunflower seeds & hazelnuts. It is now featured on the menu as part of The Clean Eater dish -served with avocado, tomato, a boiled egg, fresh basil and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Simple & fresh ingredients with a focus on quality. Tick tick tick!!

You can find The Penny Royal here and here.

Nadia xx

P.S. Tippy (and sometimes me) is a huge fan of the ham & cheese sandwich with pickles…. just saying….

image credit : Tippy Dray

image credit : Tippy Dray

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