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How to boost your wellbeing

We all have bad days. Days that are tougher than others.

I’m the first to admit that I have really bad days. For no apparent reason I can wake up in the morning and feel that my day ahead will be doomed. It may be centred around the thought that my life isn’t tracking as I had desired, or it may be that my self esteem is at an all time low. Whatever the reason, rational or otherwise, simple steps can be taken to counteract these negative and harmful thoughts. Simple steps should be taken.

We each decide how to feel. How to perceive and assess our day, our week, our lives. This is how we boost our wellbeing.

So what are the steps and how do you go about moving forward from the flood of tears and self loathing that can sometimes happen to even the most socially well adjusted person?

Firstly – it’s not a crime to cry and we all suffer at times with a variety of demons. In fact tears can be a great way to release inner turmoil.

A note about demons… How often do we read in the news or hear via social media, that yet another human being has taken his or her life as a result of depression. These people are often high profile and well liked personalities who seemingly have it all, though unbeknownst to us carry feelings of self doubt, guilt and low self esteem.

Whatever your experience, story or resulting effects, there are sometimes those days when it is all too much.

Beyond letting it out with a good cry, what do we do?

2 steps. 2 really simple and highly effective steps that we are all capable of.

Exercise and Connection.

Allow me to elaborate further….

It has been proven that when we take part in certain essential experiences, our brains function better and as a result we too are able to perform better, to cope better.
These experiences are exercise and connection.

First off – exercise….

Oxygenating the brain works wonders and via hard exercise, we are activating parts of the brain that may otherwise lie dormant. In this way overall coherence and quality of thought is improved. I personally will take the time, no matter how early, to go for a brisk and long walk.

runWhen we exercise, especially in the aerobic sense, we are far more effective individuals. Nowhere do I see this as more true than when working as a trainer, with my clients.

I come across a wide variety of individuals in my work, many of whom are clinically diagnosed as suffering depression. They come to me for help with body image as well as improving their wellbeing. Rather than resorting to medication, these clients have learned the benefit of regular exercise in order to assist with not only their weight and/or fitness issues, but more importantly the ability to cope with the highs and lows of life.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a gym member or utilise a personal trainer in order to achieve this benefit from exercise – a boost in wellbeing.

  • Go for a run, if you are able
  • Do body weight exercises on a park bench or use steps
  • Walk briskly and breathe in the fresh air

Enjoy the rush to the brain, the ability to focus on the task at hand, the rising heart rate and in turn, the improved state of mind.

Secondly – connections…

Over the past few weeks, amidst a very sad and stressful time within my family, it has occurred to me that I’m surrounded by a number of exceptionally warm and caring friends, clients and of course those who are nearest and dearest to me, namely my daughters.

Here I was struggling with this internal turmoil, not capable of opening up and saying how I really felt and the reasons why. Feeling sad, angry, short tempered, lacking in patience and tearful 24/7.

Reaching out to and spending time with those that I love, and that love me, changed everything for me.

Even when we don’t want to see it, even when we want to have a pity-party all to ourselves, we need to pull ourselves up and connect.

Through connection with others, and our environment, we can boost our wellbeing.

86792dd5937716ee7bcd10477be459f3Isolating oneself can be dangerous and detrimental and the importance of social interaction cannot be stressed enough.
Understand who your true friends are, the ones that you can rely on 100% and connect with them. Equally as powerful is spending time in your environment and this can look like a number of things.

  • text a friend and meet for a coffee
  • eat your lunch outside and watch the world go by
  • grab a friend and your runners – 2 birds with this one!

Often, on a weekend, when I find myself pondering life a little too seriously, I will head to my favourite bar or cafe, take a stool near a window, and people watch or start blogging. In fact that is where I wrote this post….
Being amongst people and immersed in the world is medicine in itself and a gentle push for us to get on top of whatever is causing the negativity.

Take your pick from the above and boost your wellbeing. Do one, do both, just do. I promise you will feel the benefits.

Viv xx

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