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The thing that made my workouts even more amazing

This month Fitness First challenged me to supercharge my health and fitness in celebration of Australian Fitness Week.

I was super excited and for 2 main reasons:
  • Although I am a good self-motivater, an outside challenge is a wonderful opportunity to find new possibilities
  • A fab excuse to splurge on this and this – two items that I have been wanting for a while now 

Hot new workout clothes and a whole new outlook, I felt fresh and invigorated. I could not wait to get to the gym! In those first few days of receiving my lovely new gear, I hit new levels in my normal weekly training, attended 3 new style yoga classes (including Hip Hop yoga – amazing!) and tried my hand at loads of body weight exercises which I would not normally include.

You could say that I had quite the spring in my step and feel affirmed in my belief that prioritising your health; sometimes including a financial investment; reinvigorates and commits you.

For someone that trains almost everyday, I don’t buy workout clothes very often and I felt very grateful to be in a position to do exactly that. My weekly 540 minutes sweating it out and pushing my body to new limits deserved some special care and attention. I deserved some special care and attention.

>>>> Try these body weight exercises the next time that you train <<<

Core and chest blaster!

Your health and fitness is absolutely the most important possession that you own. You may not choose the body (inside and out) that you are born with, however it is your lifelong and privileged job to take care of.

Perhaps you are resisting spending $200 on new running shoes despite yours having no tread left? Or are you maybe wearing socks with holes and dealing with subsequent blisters each time that you train? Whatever it is, we all have reservations about prioritising our health and fitness at some stage and this is OK. I have been here and I know how it feels.

I also know that it can be likened to disrespect for yourself and your amazing body. Wearing running shoes with little to no tread is not a great experience for your body, nor will it create many positive associations with exercise. Value yourself and your health and fitness.TIP_1418

Be inspired to supercharge your amazingness and I promise it will feel incredible!

Nadia xxx


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