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Inspiration Insider | Caroline Høgh Groth

A little less than 3 months ago I stumbled upon Miss Caroline Høgh Groth via her instagram account @carolinehgroth.

Not too long after that, her inspiring (and flexible!) social updates were featured on our blog and this gorgeous lady and I became friends. What struck me initially about Caroline was the amount of energy, light and love that came across in each and every image that she posted. Her authenticity, beauty and refusal to accept the status quo were endearing as an observer and are even more so as her friend.

Just as this very blog hopes to do, Caroline looks to inspire and promote a greater level of health and wellbeing for all. Enjoy her words and advice to create wellness and health and in your life. Introducing, and in her own words,  Danish. Bondi. 24. Cancer Survivor. Yogi. Senior Digital Marketing Mgmt. Retired Pro Handball’er.

The irrepressible Miss Groth.

What was the catalyst that turned you into a healthy foodie?

After having surgery to remove a lymph node with malignant cells in my left armpit, I was diagnosed with cancer in mid-April 2012 . I’ve always been fairly healthy; playing professional handball and being active; so the diagnosis came unexpectedly  and very suddenly.

Starting chemo and living your life completely different was like turning my world upside-down to say the least. Not having my family around was TOUGH! However, it wasn’t until January 2013 I really turned my life around and became a healthy foodie. You see, a few months earlier someone broke me inside so very badly. I’ve never felt pain like that before. Pain in my heart, my body and my mind. Mix this negative, depressed and sad state of mind with chemo, lots of medicine and not a lot of food you have a bomb that’s bound to go off.

When I died in hospital in December 2012, (thank God they were able to bring me back!) waking up in ICU to my loving friends I knew something had to change. If I wanted to live and beat cancer, beat anything that would come at me, I needed to change everything. Nutrition, exercise, mind-set and much more.

And so I made my way through the jungle of different approaches to healthy, clean, raw eating, lost 20 kgs and have found my way to become a 90% vegan. Beating cancer and being in remission from January 2014 was the best thing to happen to me in my life and to this day I still believe I owe it all to my nutrition, yoga and positive thinking. Your mind is so much stronger than what you think it is!

Didn’t I tell you that this lady was beyond inspiring?!!flow

Describe your day on a plate

8am: I normally have a fruit smoothie or oatmeal with a superfoods blend. My breakfast’s are the most important to me as it lays out my entire day – both how I’ll feel physically and also mentally. If I have a lot on and big jobs/meetings where I really need to concentrate for several hours at a time I always have carbs! porr

10.30am: I always eat! Seriously. I need to have a snack at this time, so I normally opt for a piece of fruit with a few raw almonds & cashews + a cup of peppermint or lemon/ginger tea.

1pm: Lunch will normally be some type of greens because it’s easy to bring to work. Normally this consists of lots of different colored veggies, chickpeas or lentils (for protein) and some seeds to give it a crunch like my Vegan Vegetable Curry with Cauliflower Rice.veg

3pm: Time for another snack! I’ll have some carrot sticks with hummus, a piece of fruit or some dark chocolate if I feel the afternoon sweet-crave creeping up on me.

7pm: I don’t like to have too-heavy dinners because I normally eat pretty late so it’ll consist of lots of veggies & spices. I love to cook stir-fries, zucchini noodles with raw tomato sauce or homemade tortillas with raw salsa & freshly made guacamole.dinner

8pm: Thought I was done eating for the day? Think again. I always need to have something sweet after dinner. Whether it is fresh fruit or one of my vegan, sugar-free, homemade treats – I’ve got to have something 🙂dessert

What’s your favourite way to move your body and what’s the purpose behind it?

I do a mix of weights, cardio & yoga however yoga is my go-to. I took a few basic classes many, many years ago and didn’t think twice of it. Then when I had my light bulb-moment in hospital, I wanted to change and decided to give yoga another go. Hands down, it is the best decision I ever

I’ve practiced yoga for about 6 months now, and I cannot go a day without it. It shapes my body like nothing else, and makes me stronger every single day. However, why I really love yoga is because of the way it makes me feel on the inside. When I practice yoga I feel grateful for being in the moment, for still being alive, and for letting me feel every single feeling, whether it’d be good or bad, in my body. When I start yoga and take a few minutes to exercise breathing, I often cry. It’s a very emotional thing for me and I’ve never walked away from yoga without feeling blessed and grateful for everything that I am.

What are your non-negotiable daily practices?

YOGA & COOKING! I don’t compromise. It doesn’t matter how down, busy, sad, sick I feel – I need to practice yoga every single day to calm and prepare my mind for anything that has happened in the past and what will happen in the future – I do this in order to fully live in the present. I give thanks to all the beautiful & inspiring people I’m lucky enough to have in my life and feel my heart being filled with love & joy.

After that I cook all my meals, cooking calms me and gets my creative side out too. I love to experiment in the kitchen! That’s also how Greener Resolutions was born. My baby – my website with all my recipes for healthy eating.

After all of this I’ll probably ditch all my gym-clothes, get naked and goof around with different handstands, crow, forearm stands and stretches before hitting the shower – there’s no better feeling than being free from having anything on your body.

What’s the biggest wellbeing misconception you are always clearing up for people?

‘Can I lose 5kg’s in 2 days if I live like you?’ Short answer, NO!

I wish more people would be more comfortable with their beautiful bodies. It’s not about the number on the scales, it’s not about the six-pack stomachs & it’s not about the size of your dress. It’s about feeling healthy, energized, positive and grateful. The weight loss (if you have anything to lose) is an added bonus.

It’s when you stop counting the calories, being obsessive about whether to have the Tim-Tam or not, enjoying exercise and appreciating your body for what it is, you’ll truly find happiness and stay on the road to a healthy, loving, positive and long life.

Quote you aspire to live by?

‘As I breathe, I hope’.

When I was in ICU a nurse said this to me. She said someone must’ve watched over me that night when I was brought back. It stuck with me and through my battle with cancer I always remembered this. As long as I could physically take a breath and my heart would beat, there was still hope that I could overcome this. I still live by this quote every single day. I’ve found that I’m so much stronger than what I ever thought I was and this quote represents all of those feelings for me.

What does the future hold for you?

My career is everything to me. Being able to use my brain the way I do and working with like-minded entrepreneurs every single day makes me feel so happy and accomplished.

I hope for my future that I get to stay in this beautiful country that I’ve called home for almost 4 years now. To remain with my beautiful friends who inspire me every single day to be a better person and keep going, to keep my strong body & mind and overcome anything that will come my way. Also that I will love myself for the person that I am and all that I stand for

Where can we find you online and get in contact with you? 

Where can’t you find me? I’m a Social Media addict however it is a big part of my career too to know about everything & anything that goes on in Social Media so don’t take me for a complete freak….

Instagram: @carolinehgroth



Twitter: @carolinehgroth

LinkedIn: Caroline Høgh Groth


Do you have a favourite recipe that you would like to share with us?


These are my FAVOURITE treats to make. They are easy, healthy and vegan! And best of all? You know exactly what goes in and what you’re about to put in your body when eating this!



‘Nougat Layer’

  • 1 cup almond flour
  • 3/4 cup of blanched almonds (skin off)
  • 2 tbsp rice malt syrup
  • 2 tbsp raw maple syrup
  • 3 dates (pitted & soaked for at least 1 hour)
  • seeds of one vanilla bean
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil


  • 1 cup dates (pitted & soaked for at least 1 hour)
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • seeds of 1/2 vanilla bean
  • 1 tbsp raw peanut butter
  • 1 tsp raw maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp filtered water
  • 2 handfuls of unsalted peanuts


  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 3-4 tbsp raw cacao
  • 2 tbsp rice malt syrup
  • 1 tbsp raw maple syrup
  • seeds of 1/2 vanilla bean
  • 1/4 or less of sea salt
  • 4 dates (pitted & soaked for at least 1 hour)
  • 3 tbsp filtered water.


1. Combine almond flour, blanched almonds, rice malt syrup, raw maple syrup, dates, vanilla bean seeds and coconut oil in a food processor and pulse until grounded together to a ‘dough’. Form into small logs/bars (1 cm thick) and transfer to a board lined with baking paper. Pop in the freezer.

2. To make the caramel, combine dates sea salt, vanilla bean seeds, raw peanut butter, raw maple syrup, and filtered water in the food processor and pulse until a smooth paste is created. Grab your nougat-bars in the freezer and top evenly with caramel (0,5 cm). After this, chop the raw peanuts and spread evenly over the caramel. Pop the bars back in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

3. Combine coconut oil, rice malt syrup, raw maple syrup, vanilla bean seeds, sea salt, soaked dates and a little bit of water in the food processor and pulse until a smooth consistency is reached. Don’t make it too runny as you want a thicker coating on these bars.

4. Last, but not least – grab your bars from the freezer and coat them in the raw chocolate mixture we created in step 3. Pop them back in the freezer and let them sit for 1-2 hours. After that, you can enjoy as many as you want.


Thank you for sharing your light and energy with us Caroline you beautiful soul.

xxx Nadia




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  1. This was an amazing read. Having started following Caroline from your Fave Instagram Accounts post, it was so nice to learn more about her and her journey x

    April 30, 2014
    • She is fabulous Miss Caroline and I am so thrilled that you enjoyed learning more about her journey x

      April 30, 2014

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