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Raw Chocolate, Orange & Almond Bark

We all need snacks from time to time and for most of us a sweet snack is the perfect kind.

There are an infinite number of wholefood-based and delicious snack options out there for you to create and enjoy. This blog alone has recipes for Protein Balls, Muesli Bars, Iceblocks, Trail Mix, Nut & Seed Slice, Salted Caramel Balls, Cakes and…


The sacred and revered chocolate. Once you have created my raw chocolate recipe, a wonderful way to enjoy it is Raw Chocolate Bark. Chocolate, Orange & Almond – one of those awesome combinations that just works in food-world so let’s start there.

If you have not checked out my Raw Chocolate post, let’s have a quick debrief on cacao (ca-cow)… Otherwise skip below for the recipe.

What is it? Where do I buy it? How do I eat it?

What – Cacao is the seed of a fruit of an Amazonian tree Cacao beans. It contain no sugar and between 12% and 50% fat depending on the variety and growth conditions. Raw, powdered cacao is full of flavonoids, which act as natural antioxidants and protect the body fromageing and disease caused by free radicals.

Raw cacao contains up to four times the antioxidants of traditional cacao powder, and has the highest antioxidant value of all the natural foods in the world. 

Not too shabby…L1020927

Where – Awesome for us, raw cacao powder is available in more and more places each day. Many supermarkets will offer the product, most certainly health food stores, bulk food stores (where I buy mine) and the world wide web. My 2 fave online stores for this are Heaven’s Pantry run by the gorgeous Madde and Be Good Organics, another seriously cool business!

How – Raw Cacao is the basis for regular store-bought chocolate and all chocolate derivatives, therefore the options are endless for how to enjoy it! Raw desserts, baked treats, smoothies and hot chocolate to name just a few.

Although bitter in taste, (dark chocolate lovers unite!) its’ velvety soft texture is extremely satisfying and should you choose to sweeten, does not require much at all!

Chocolate, Orange & Almond Bark

Vegan / Gluten-free / Refined sugar-free


What you need:

  • 1/2 cup raw liquid chocolate 
  • 1/4 cup flaked almonds – I like to lightly toast mine
  • 1 tablespoon orange zest, finely chopped

What you do:

  1. Line a large container with baking paper
  2. Pour the liquid chocolate into the container
  3. Sprinkle almonds and orange zest over the liquid chocolate
  4. Secure the lid of the container and place in the freezer for at least 4 hours
  5. Once ready, simply snap the chocolate into bark-like pieces
  6. For the best ongoing results, store in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 14 days (as if it will last that long!)


Switch it up with topping options (Goji berries work a treat!) and make larger batches to have on hand for take-to-work snacks, when you have people over or you simply really need a piece of chocolate!


The larger the container, the larger area that the chocolate has to spread and as such the thinner that your bark will be. Should you prefer thick chocolate bark, use a smaller container.


Enjoy and share the chocolate love!

Nadia xxx


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