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Pay It Forward – $350 towards your fitness goals

The incredible (and growing) community that we have here on this blog is ever inspiring to both Mum and I. Seeing and hearing comments and photos from readers about how amazing they feel trying out new exercises, how yummy a recipe from the blog is and how they feel less overwhelmed on a subject after reading our posts is a real honour.

Blown away does not even begin to describe how it feels.

Although this journey of mine is now over 8 years in the making and I am really in the groove of it, I am still learning and it doesn’t feel too long ago that frozen pizzas, pathetic gym workouts and regular late nights were everyday life for me. If this is where you are at in your journey, good for you, good on you for reading a blog that is devoted to a clean, active and well life. In other words, you want better for yourself and that is freaking fantastic.

Not only do I remember how I used to feel though I also remember how incredibly impactful a little push or motivation can be, especially when it comes from the outside world. It was only a few weeks ago that I was the recipient of such a push and it rocked! You can read about that here.

So when Fitness First advised us that as part of our final month of working together on their CHANGE FOR THE BEST campaign, we would be able to Pay It Forward, we were excited to give back and inspire others on their journey.

One lucky winner will receive:

  1. $200 Stylerunner Gift Voucher – treat yourself to a hot new training outfit, pair of running shoes or a new gym bag.
  2. Fitness First Passport Pass x 10 valued at $150

To be in the running is very simple.

1. Log in to your Instagram account

2. Follow @nadiafelsch (that’s me!)

3. Find the below photo on my page 

4. Regram it on your page @nadiafelsch and #changeforthebest

Entries close Tuesday 10th June at 11.59pm EST. Remember if your Instagram account is set to private I can’t see your entry. Open to Australian residents only.


Good luck lovely people!

Thank you to Fitness First for such a great partnership over the past few months. Mum and I very carefully assess who and what we represent to you on this blog and would never promote anything that we did not stand behind ourselves. As long-term Fitness First members (and trainer in Mum’s case!) this was not a hard choice for us. It has been fun trying new things, pushing ourselves and now giving back to you!

Nadia xx


This post is in partnership with Fitness First and we are thrilled to be working with them to bring you further inspiration and awesomeness.

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