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Why Healthy Doesn’t Mean Lettuce – Clean Eating Workshop

How to create a salad that both satisfies and delights without spending a fortune and a whole lot of time is a question that I am often asked.

“So do you eat a lot of lettuce?” 

Surprisingly, I don’t. The number of times in a week that I would consume a salad? A minimum of 10. The number of times that this includes lettuce? Hardly.

So although I do not wish to lettuce-bash as lettuce is fantastic, (think san choi bao and page 37 of my eBook!) this vegetable does bear the brunt of the salad/rabbit food/healthy food debate.

As anyone with my eBook EAT WELL LOOK GOOD FEEL GREAT will have experienced for themselves, salad in my eyes is a far cry from the traditional iceberg lettuce covered with various vegetable wedges and a store-bought dressing over the top.

It is such a pleasure when friends and family; of varying health levels; come over for dinner and they tell me how much they look forward to it. You could say that after all of these years, I certainly have the hang of it, bringing wholefoods to life on a plate and ensuring that no one feels they are “missing out” when it comes to taste.

This knowledge and love was what led me to create my first eBook and now my first workshop as well. The incredibly inspiring team at Lululemon Athletica and I have worked together in creating a local workshop to be held next week.

Wholefoods. Cooking. Clean Eating. Health. Wellbeing. Nutrition.

A fantastic opportunity to empower yourself to EAT WELL LOOK GOOD FEEL GREAT, learn how to create delicious salad dishes for yourself at home as well as live demonstrations, tips, tricks and all important tastings!

Nadia Felsch Invite flyer size

You will get to taste 2 of my favourite recipes from the eBook (one which will be served at my upcoming wedding I love it that much!) as well as:

  • Learn how to create a gluten-free and filling salad which is just as wonderful the next day
  • Learn how to create an impressive and simple salad for entertaining
  • Hear more about how I become healthier, happier and firmer by eating more
  • Sip on delicious Raw C Coconut Water while you are warm, cosy and comfortable
  • Feel excited and informed to go home and whip up your own creations

The last point is the one which I care the most about and can not wait to see everyone enjoying themselves on the night, on the path to EAT WELL LOOK GOOD FEEL GREAT.

A wonderful location, yummy food, and information that we hope opens up a whole new world for you.

This workshop will be hands-on and a whole lot of fun; no slide-shows or boring lectures and it is…. FREE!

Lululemon and I are incredibly excited about this workshop and want you to benefit from it. A few lucky people will even leave with a copy of my new eBook.

If you are in Sydney next week, we would love to see you there! If not, I have big plans so fear not!

WHEN : Tuesday, 1st July 6:30-8pm

WHERE : Bloom Cafe, 118 Prince Albert StreetMosman

RSVP : Email or join the Facebook event by Friday 27th June

QUESTIONS : Comment below and I will get back to you ASAP

Nadia xx


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