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Why I Need To Take My Own Advice… and Maybe You Do Too

You know those days that you wake up feeling flat? When one thing leads to another and you spiral…..?

Last Friday I woke up feeling pretty damn flat, crappy actually and not at all myself. The morning was quiet and regular if not a little inefficient. After a nourishing brekkie, I got through some work and made it to yoga. By the time I arrived though, I was starting to become teary and not surprisingly, the dynamic flow class on the timetable brought me to actual tears by the end (not the first time yoga has done this to me.)

On the short walk back home I was struggling to hold back the tears and upon arriving home, spent the next 10 minutes feeling almost paralysed by my emotions.

That afternoon I decided, after some very good sisterly advice (thanks sis!) that I needed to stop.

After searching for reasons all day as to why I felt so ordinary, why my energy levels were flailing and what was going on for me, it hit me in the face – I had ignored myself for too long.

I recognised that weeks and weeks of working 7 days pushing myself night and day, forging full steam ahead to create, liaise, build, collaborate and live out my dreams was catching up with me.

It was all push and no pull.

I recognised that I was exhausted and nearing burn-out. For a person who loudly advocates taking care of yourself, it felt as if I really needed take my own advice. Even the strongest and most dedicated among us, need time out and all too often we perform poorly in this area.

Don’t we?

That afternoon I decided to take some time out, to curl up on the couch at 2pm with a cup of tea and not work. Guess what? I felt racked with guilt. Even though I knew attempting work would be fruitless, I couldn’t quite shake the feeling and it occurred to me that this idea from my previous life of work-work-work was haunting me. Leftover memories of working 3 jobs, studying part-time, training for a half-marathon and going out every weekend were lingering – I had done it all before had I not?

Thinking that you’re able to do it all so you need to be, as opposed to asking yourself the most important question of all – will it serve you?

It’s not limited to work commitments either, it’s about trying to be and do everything in one day. To be awesome at work, home, with your friends and at the gym. To push and to succeed.

I want to encourage you to ask some new questions of yourself instead of the all-too-familiar “how can I fit everything into today?”

Questions that sound like this….

Will it serve me? Is this kindness? Is going to sleep earlier a better choice? Is saying no to that project that I don’t have the time for a better idea? Would taking a night off to spend with friends be a more positive decision for my wellbeing?

As of Friday afternoon, I realised that for me yes was indeed the answer. I think it may be for you too.


Working my butt off doing what I love comes naturally and that’s wonderful though I’m here for the long haul and I want to love each step of the journey. Whatever your dreams, I dare say that you feel the same and that you’re working hard to live the life that you want. In addition to sometimes needing to back off certain commitments in your life, that really means taking better care of yourself.

What’s the rush anyway?

For me this looks like…going to bed earlier (lucky that I’ve just finished watching Orange is the New Black season 2), seeing my friends instead of texting them to catch up, not consuming shakes most mornings for breakfast and skipping workouts more often than I care to admit. That blog post, recipe and email can wait and it will.

Wellbeing and optimal health is a journey and not a race. It involves everything in your world and it means always putting yourself first, listening to your instincts and being kind to yourself. It isn’t much work for a whole lot of reward…

So how are you going to listen to your body and take better care of you?

❤ Nadia xx

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  1. This post speaks volumes to me Nadia, like you I’m working 7 days a week and juggling full-time work, a blog and design business – plus travel and moving house AND office this week and I’m feeling dangerously close to burning out. I’m slowly learning how to turn it down a notch, not overcommit myself and realise it’s ok to say no if I need some downtime. Having said that, I am still at 150% capacity so perhaps it’s easier said than done! xx

    September 23, 2014
    • I hear you sister!! So glad the post speaks to you and I know personally that you are doing a whole lot of everything right now.
      Please take care of you and take a step back (sometimes) xxx

      September 23, 2014
  2. theveganmuffinwoman #

    Wonderful post, wonderful insight, and wonderful timing. I never needed to read this more than I did at this moment! Thank you!

    September 24, 2014
    • Thanks so much Lauren for such kind words!
      I’m so pleased to hear that this post has offered you some insight and assistance – take care x

      September 24, 2014

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