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How To Do A Burpee

It’s no secret that I love to move my body. However and whenever, it just feels good, well actually it feels amazing.

After years of training, competitive sport and an impressive PT of a Mum, I certainly have had my fair share of workout experience.

As I’ve shared with you in the past here, here and here I love functional training or in other words, I love to move my body in ways that support my actual day-to-day life; that assist how I functionally move.

This is how I approach my training and second only to feeling strong for me is feeling athletic.
It may actually be the greatest feeling when it comes to movement. It isn’t about a particular sport and it isn’t about comparing yourself to others, its simply about you, feeling agile, fit and capable all at once – ready for anything!

One of the best ways to access your own athleticism is using interval; and particularly HIIT training. My favourite and go-to movement when it comes to these workouts is the burpee.

Super efficient, functional, commonly mis-performed and almost always hated, this simple movement has incredible benefits and is actually kind of fun (bear with me).

The feeling when you can do more and more of these, at speed and maintaining form is very cool!

burpee how to | Nadia Felsch

You can do burpees without equipment and wherever you like, if only I could tell you all the weird and wonderful places that I’ve done them. Balconies, tiny hotel rooms, beaches, parks, airport…. You’ll find yourself fitter, stronger, more athletic and burning through a tonne of calories too!

Onto the actual burpee itself… There are variations of this movement though I prefer the push-up version so you work it all – arms, chest, legs and core – it literally will work your entire body and that includes your lung and hearts… huffing, puffing and sweating are mandatory with these guys!

One caveat – as with all movements discussed on this blog, if you can not perform 1 rep with perfect form, first of all there’s no shame and in fact you now have a great challenge for yourself.

Modify the exercise until you can perform it perfectly – perhaps that means dropping the push-up (image 3) and building up to it.

  1. From standing, lower into a squat position with your hands on the ground in front
  2. Jump back into a plank position
  3. Drop your chest to the floor, looking forward
  4. Come up with your chest and jump back to a squat position
  5. Jump up as high as you can
  6. Clap at the top and repeat!

I’ve also created a quick how-to video for you….

Give this awesome exercise a go and once you feel you’re nailing your form, try working on speed and then volume. I like to integrate burpees into various interval programs and a typical workout of this kind could include:

Step toe taps
Run as a circuit sequence 20 seconds on/10 seconds off and 100% effort for 10 minutes

Enjoy and if you have a particular workout that includes burpees please share it below – I’d love to hear your ideas! Share this post with someone else, you might just inspire them too.

xxx Nadia xxx

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