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Who We Are

Mum and Daughter Team

Mum and Daughter Team

A Mum and Daughter both immersed in sharing and supporting a clean and active life.

298731_306717372759036_967350104_nViv (MUM) is a personal trainer with over 30 years in the fitness industry encompassing aerobics, training and club management who assists a variety of clients on a daily basis. With a Diploma of Art Education as well as a Certificate IV in Personal Training; Viv is known as an institution in her local area and gym. A seriously impressive individual who looks 20 years younger than her years, has 2 kids (you would never know it!) and does not believe in deprivation of any kind!

Nadia (DAUGHTER) is a young old-soul who lives, thinks and breathes wellbeing. With a competitive sporting background; as 559673_437193469700249_1645140783_nwell as some less than healthy experiences providing a wealth of wisdom; what has resulted is an individual with a thirst for knowledge and self-betterment. Living an enjoyable self-imposed guinea pig lifestyle trialling new wellbeing methods, training techniques and recipes; you can expect to join in along the way.

From Nadia, “I will try almost anything to enrich my life, eating items that I never thought I would (or humans could!), reading any report, research or relevant article that I find and adapt to my life, training my butt off, going to every specialist known to mankind, trialling (legal) supplements, sometimes going hungry, talking about all the finer points of nutrition, training, body-image, sports science etc etc with anyone that will listen and practicing self-belief as much as possible.

It has been a conscious choice over a number of years and has led me down some weird and wonderful paths. Something I am most chuffed to have been led to is observing the positive effect that my choices have on others around me; both those that I love and people I have just met. In many ways it is how this blog was founded and now yet another weird and wonderful path to have stumbled across.”

Both of us are committed to a consistently active lifestyle and feed our bodies with what they need each and every day.

We have different experiences, offer varying points of view and hope to inspire what we feel each day. Our belief is that life is incredibly precious and our bodies are the truly amazing vehicles on that journey. We must not only care for them and give them everything they require though also be attuned to it always – to be one. This can only result in positive life experiences across the spectrum; body, heart and mind.

Offering clean eating recipes and ideas (whilst maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle), training tips, eating out and nutritional advice as well as research and general wellbeing knowledge to you. Expect to read about our good days and bad as well; we all have them; and that for each of us wellness is a life journey.

None of us are perfect and we both truly believe that life is there for the taking and to be enjoyed to the max! Join us at whatever point you may be at right now and feel part of a community of people who want the best for you; in everything.

Share with us.

Viv & Nadia


All images are ours unless otherwise stated. Please credit us and link to us as the source should you use our images – keep it fair.

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  1. Hi Nadia,

    Jess from VW passed on your blog – love it! And you’ve just started it? I really enjoyed reading the mix of health advice, recipes, and general headspace commentary that you’ve got.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Vollies meeting!

    Cat x

    February 26, 2013
    • So kind Cat! Thank you. Yes a very recent project for us.
      Your blog is brilliant – loved going through the posts.
      Will be great to meet shortly xx

      February 26, 2013
  2. Hey, thanks for the follow. Your blog is so professional and full of content already, I can’t believe you’ve done it in such a short space of time! Great stuff, looking forward to reading more.

    March 6, 2013
    • Super kind of you to say thank you!!

      March 8, 2013
  3. Hi,

    I have just been sitting in out in the sun reading you blog and I really enjoyed it. My mother and I have recently started our cookery blog together and I stumbled across yours as it is of a similar theme. I think blogging is a great way to spend time together.

    I’m a big fan of clean eating too (my mother still needs some convincing)- i’m always asking her to pop to the health food shop with a list of ingredients she’d never heard of!

    Amy XXX

    July 13, 2013
    • Thanks Amy

      That is very kind of you to say and we are thrilled that you enjoyed our blog!

      We will keep an eye out for your posts xxx

      July 13, 2013
  4. That is great you and your mom do a blog together. I am sure one day you’ll look back and truly treasure this time together!!!

    November 30, 2013
    • Thanks Jared! We do love the time spent together on such a positive project 🙂

      December 1, 2013
  5. Hello Viv and Nadia ! We have been following your blog and we think you guys are great. We would love to know where you ladies are based. We have opened Canberra’s first cold press juice company and would love to explore ways of collaborating with like minded people.
    Get in touch! 🙂

    June 17, 2014
    • Hello Lucianne and thank you for reaching out to us!
      Expect to hear from us via email today x

      June 18, 2014

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