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How To Do A Burpee

It’s no secret that I love to move my body. However and whenever, it just feels good, well actually it feels amazing.

After years of training, competitive sport and an impressive PT of a Mum, I certainly have had my fair share of workout experience.

As I’ve shared with you in the past here, here and here I love functional training or in other words, I love to move my body in ways that support my actual day-to-day life; that assist how I functionally move.

This is how I approach my training and second only to feeling strong for me is feeling athletic.
It may actually be the greatest feeling when it comes to movement. It isn’t about a particular sport and it isn’t about comparing yourself to others, its simply about you, feeling agile, fit and capable all at once – ready for anything!

One of the best ways to access your own athleticism is using interval; and particularly HIIT training. My favourite and go-to movement when it comes to these workouts is the burpee.

Super efficient, functional, commonly mis-performed and almost always hated, this simple movement has incredible benefits and is actually kind of fun (bear with me).Read more


The thing that made my workouts even more amazing

This month Fitness First challenged me to supercharge my health and fitness in celebration of Australian Fitness Week.

I was super excited and for 2 main reasons:
  • Although I am a good self-motivater, an outside challenge is a wonderful opportunity to find new possibilities
  • A fab excuse to splurge on this and this – two items that I have been wanting for a while now 

Hot new workout clothes and a whole new outlook, I felt fresh and invigorated. I could not wait to get to the gym! In those first few days of receiving my lovely new gear, I hit new levels in my normal weekly training, attended 3 new style yoga classes (including Hip Hop yoga – amazing!) and tried my hand at loads of body weight exercises which I would not normally include.

You could say that I had quite the spring in my step and feel affirmed in my belief that prioritising your health; sometimes including a financial investment; reinvigorates and commits you.

For someone that trains almost everyday, I don’t buy workout clothes very often and I felt very grateful to be in a position to do exactly that. My weekly 540 minutes sweating it out and pushing my body to new limits deserved some special care and attention. I deserved some special care and attention.
Read more

Outside of our comfort zone

Apparently this is a highly beneficial thing to do; for all of us.

How often do we do it though? Sometimes stepping outside of our comfort zone feels like pulling teeth and not anything we look forward to.

Though anytime that you have tried something new, how good did it feel?

This could not be more true than when speaking of health and wellbeing.

Mum and Daughter, in our new exciting partnership with Fitness First were encouraged this month to do exactly that. Following on from my recent precious bodies post I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to try something new, on the path to taking better care of my body…

Enter – Pilates Reformer. Read more

My favourite 10 minute workout

There is not much to know here. HIIT training works. It is fun, efficient and fast!! High Intensity Interval Training has been a part of my training since 2011 and has had infinite benefits.

Late in 2013, Mum wrote all about HIIT training and why it is incredible. You can see that awesome post here.

In a nutshell HIIT training is about pushing yourself to the max for an interval period, followed by a rest period. It can be applied to many different exercises and I promised to follow up with my favourite HIIT workout so without further ado…

This workout can be completed just as effectively in a gym or outside, simply find some stairs and a skipping rope. If you are inside a gym, grab a step and 5 blocks under each end.

Including rest, the entire program takes less than 10 minutes, however do not be fooled, it is brutal. Read more

What is HIIT training & should you be doing it??

A new and evolving field of study within the health sciences is HIIT or high intensity interval training.

It is exactly as it sounds; highly intense!!

Figures have been floating around like this, “3 minutes of HIIT training per week is more effective than moderate exercise.”

Is it true? What is it? How does it work? Should you be doing this?

1. Yes is the first answer however let us remember that such figures come from scientific studies with clearly marked outcomes. For instance the studies are not about living a healthier life, feeling better or losing 10kg of fat; they have specifically compared HIIT training to moderate exercise in most cases and the benefits to us.

2. HIIT describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. A simple HIIT session may start out as 1 minute sprints followed by 2 minute rest periods for a total of 20 minutes. Read more

Chin-ups are not just for boys…

It is with great pride that I tell and SHOW you that I can do chin ups.

Not so long ago that seemed a near-impossible task. Last year when preparing for an upcoming race – The Tough Bloke Challenge – my trainer mentioned chin-ups would be an ideal area to work on. The challenge included several obstacles where hanging and holding your own body weight was required. Having always been decent at holding my own weight on the monkey bars at school I wondered how similar these two exercises may be… turns out… not so much!

The start of chin-ups for me

The start of chin-ups for me…

Eventually I could maintain a few chin-ups in a set though this particular type of strength training was not what I had been working on at the time. Even so; the joy I felt when I could actually perform a few chin-ups was wonderful! There is, without doubt, mental obstacles to performing chin-ups. Hanging there it can feel insane to think that you can lift your body up and over that bar!! Read more

The NO FRILLS workout video

Over the last few weeks my daughter has been busy providing you all with entertaining and hopefully life-changing recipes, clean living ideas and most recently, a little glimpse into a day in her life. Whilst this was happening I, mum, took time out doing dreary mundane paper work….certainly not of the creative nature.. Though I am back!

My first post back is an ideal circuit-style workout for men, women, young and old.

It is designed to travel and other than yourself, all you need is a skipping rope (and even that can be removed)!! Hotel rooms, parks, indoors, at home or the office gym; this can be done basically anywhere that has a little empty space with access to a ledge, stairs or sturdy box.
As I have many clients who need to travel for work purposes, I am often asked what they can do in lieu of their normal gym training session. This easy-to-follow 8-station circuit is a great solution!

Whether or not you are a member of a gym, or new to organised exercise, this is a wonderful way to build both your strength and fitness. Read more

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