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10 Quick & Easy Healthy Eating Tips

Maybe you have been wanting to take better care of yourself?

Perhaps you already have consciously started on this journey though hit a few obstacles?

This is OK as it is exactly that; a journey. It will take time in your life to find what works best for you to live the best life you can! Take inspiration from wherever you can and try things out!

We receive such wonderful feedback from our growing community and are beyond thrilled/humbled to know that we have had a positive impact on your lives. A topic that comes up again and again in our world is people observing our lives and enquiring as to how something is done; often surprised at the simplicity involved.

So here are our TOP 10 tips for Quick & Easy Healthy Eating:

  1. Hard boil & peel a dozen free-range eggs – store for each day of the week if you want and grab a protein hit easily on the run!
  2. Pack your lunch & snacks the evening before as the mornings can be full of excuses and this way you get excited about your food as well

    Ready, set, go! A busy day need not mean feeling lousy. ORGANISED!

    Ready, set, go! A busy day need not mean feeling lousy. GET ORGANISED!

  3. Make your breakfast in bulk to ensure you eat well in the morning – try our Killer Muesli recipe and simply add milk/yoghurt & fresh fruit in the morning for an under-5-minute breakfast!
  4. If you struggle to drink water find a vessel that you enjoy drinking from whether that be a BPA-free water bottle or a pretty glass jar; fill with fresh water and a slice of lemon or orange! The flavour lasts for ages and if you enjoy mint pop this in for the best water going!

    Cute AND useful

    Cute AND useful

  5. Where you would use oil for a dressing, halve the amount and use fresh lemon juice for the rest – lessening the fat (good in small doses) whilst adding lightness and freshness to your meal
  6. If you find yourself reaching for sweeteners to add to your food (even honey) try a sprinkling of freshly ground cinnamon – packed full of antioxidants and amazingly “sweet.” Great on the Killer Muesli!!!

    Killer muesli topped with Greek yoghurt, sliced apple, strawberries & a sprinkling of cinnamon for a great start to the day

    Killer muesli topped with Greek yoghurt, sliced apple, strawberries & a sprinkling of cinnamon for a great start to the day

  7. Make a batch of a delicious snack like our raw cacao protein balls to have in the fridge at home and work when hunger strikes and you need energy fast

    Delicious does not even begin to describe...

    Delicious does not even begin to describe…

  8. Slice and freeze bananas to add to smoothies & juices – no waste and they double as ice (line your container with baking paper first)
  9. Instead of canned food (especially legumes!) buy fresh and soak – simple, so much tastier & BPA-free – try this lentil & quinoa salad for dinner & enjoy leftovers tomorrow as well
  10. Herbal tea counts as water intake so invest in an amazing travel mug and enjoy your favourite herbal blend on the go!

Simplicity is effective when combined with consistency. Our tried and tested advice is to find what works for you. Commit to it whilst also being open to new and varied options in life.

This is what we do and you are absolutely capable of creating this in your life as well.

Do you have any Healthy Eating tips to share with our community that work for you? Comment below and allow us to be inspired by YOU!

xxx Nadia

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  1. Good nutrition during pregnancy, and enough of it, is very important for your baby to grow and develop. You should consume about 300 more calories per day than you did before you became pregnant.

    February 1, 2014

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