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Clean Eating Review – Bread & Circus

I love food.

About this point I am fairly sure none of you are surprised.

Sometimes I wish I did not love food quite so much though it is a part of me. I have learnt that denying parts of yourself is far more damaging than any perceived “fallout” could be so embrace it I have.

My family are a mix of Hungarian and German descent. I dare say this has a little bit to do with the above.

My strongest childhood memories are of being in the kitchen with my incredible Nanu (grandmother). Initially watching and eating and later assisting, cleaning up and yes still eating.

Each travel memory that I have from all over the world is inextricably linked to food as well.

When planning my next travels for August this year, restaurants and eateries are already being scoured and produce dreamt about.

The first time that I ate in Italy is a highlight not just of my food experiences; though of life in general. This simple and delicate focaccia from the small town of Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre was out of control delicious. My eyes were lit up and senses alive! Time stopped and that afternoon was one of the grandest thus far in my life.

Simple is best

My first Italian meal lived up to the motto – simple is best

Food has become so much more than taste and smell to me over the years and in the last 6 months especially.

Dining out; previously one of my preferred pastimes; has altered significantly.

I hunt out the new and overlooked in some cases. By no means the “buzzy” place any longer and instead I crave the best produce, lovingly prepared and thoughtfully presented. Fresh, nutritious and yummy is vital as is bang for my buck!

What is important for me to share with you is that eating cleanly and well is a lifestyle and need not stop when you are outside of your own kitchen.

For me this is about selecting the best possible places to find such food though also knowing what to look for and asking for it! As I have often talked about on Facebook & Instagram; it is important to politely ask for alternatives to dishes if they do not fit your needs. You can only ask and if the ingredients you seek are already on their menu then it should not be an issue.

Over the past few months I have been more disappointed than not when eating out and have a few times even contemplated starting my own clean and nutritious cafe!!

I thought it would be a great idea to profile some of the places that I eat at as somewhat of a clean eating review series and perhaps you can check them out for yourself…

Last month Viv, Tippy & I tried a new Sydney favourite – Bread & Circus where the menu changes daily and the produce takes centre stage.

Our mistake – visiting on a long weekend.


The team at Bread & Circus have now implemented table service much to my delight so I look forward to going back and experiencing a calmer lunch 🙂

The large, industrial space; complete with communal tables and succulents; that they occupy in Sydney’s south is well aligned with their branding and looks great.

Industrial design @ Bread & Circus

Industrial design @ Bread & Circus

Tippy ordered a sandwich (with free-range, preservative-free ham) whilst Mum and I shared a salad plate + sides. Their green smoothie options were sampled much to my delight as well!

The extras we enjoyed with our salad plate were… a delicious egg salad, lovely poached chicken and fresh avocado.

Lunch for Mum & I

Salad plate to share + sides

Tippy's sandwich plate with preservative-free ham & seeded loaf

Sandwich plate for Tippy with preservative-free ham & seeded loaf

The sharing salad plate is designed so that you can sample the daily changing options, though Mum & I elected to try 2 only + the sides.

To give you an idea of their salads, below is an extract from their menu for Saturday 13th July

kohlrabi, celeriac, carrot and beetroot slaw w/ yuzu, mint& basil

broccoli, green bean & millet w/ avocado, tomato& coriander

honey thyme heirloom carrots w/ loose leaf cavolo nero, chardonnay & chervil vinaigrette

nicola potato & kale w/ salsa verde

caramelised cauliflower & fregola w/ romesco sauce, basil& spinach



The food was delicious and well presented. Being a wintery day in Sydney however, we were hoping for salad options that also included grains and perhaps some warmed vegetables. Unless we had ordered bread (or seeded loaf) as a side, there was no such option for us which left me feeling a little hungry after consuming cold (albeit delicious) greens…

We were too late for breakfast though these were the standouts from the menu for me and I look forward to trying them next time….

daydream – orange nutmeg & mint scented biodynamic ricotta on toast

foxy winter porridge – slow cooked pre-soaked dairy free organic oats w/ stewed rhubarb and ginger, agave poached pear, honey-thyme walnuts and coconut sugar

The prices are not low though clearly reflect the quality of produce and care in presentation.

If you are in Sydney I think it is worth visiting Bread & Circus to see and try for yourself their delicious wares.

The menu is uploaded daily on their site so you can see what they have in store.

Happy (clean) eating!

xxx Nadia.

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