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1-2-3… a whole new salad for any time of day

Over the past few weeks I have been thoroughly enjoying a variation on my usual salads; and their ingredients. Additionally I have also taken a little bit of a back step when it comes to including meat in my meals and so ensuring adequate and quality protein sources has been crucial.

My food checklist of simple, easy, seasonal and nourishing is taken care of with my Salad Plate + they look fabulous (and I solidly believe that we eat first with our eyes….)

The idea for these plates is to take a handful of complimentary flavours, varying textures, ideal preparation for each ingredient and colour!!

For those of you who follow me on instagram @healthyfitone or our FB page Mum and Daughter, you will have seen a few of these plates pop up over the past few weeks and now I want to share with you how to create one for yourself. This is the kind of minimal effort, throw together meal that is somewhat of a staple for me at either lunch or dinner; especially on a busy day; and is something that I know you will look forward to enjoying yourself!

Let’s get started… Read more

6 things that you need to know about PCOS

It is one of the largest catalysts in my health and wellbeing journey and yet I have barely shared it with you guys. Crazy!!


This topic is massive, the list of symptoms never-ending and most of all I feel that there is a whole lot of negativity attached to the condition (so not my style)! However that negativity will not be found here….

What am I talking about? What is this condition that turned my lifestyle on its’ head and triggered so much awesome change?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS.

I have talked about PCOS in regards to soy which you can read about here though the how I found out I had PCOS, the issues I had in managing the condition and how I healed; haven’t been shared… until now. To be sure that I could offer you the utmost benefit and valuable information on this subject, I decided to do something different and co-create the post with a fellow PCOS survivor; the gorgeous Zoe Tattersall from ZOMT - fitness and health.

This post is designed to give you the information needed to understand and manage PCOS.

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Why “me-time” makes you healthier

I remember when taking time to go to the gym instead of rushing to social drinks after work made me feel guilty.

When I would propose a new meet-up time to the girls so that I could enjoy my morning green tea and reflection time first, the countless times that I have chosen “me-time” over what someone else wanted from me or for me AND how guilty I, and sometimes others, made me feel for those choices.


At times I felt torn that I was somehow a bad friend/daughter/girlfriend/person for making and enjoying the me-time in my life.

What I didn’t realise in those earlier moments however, was that those so-called selfish decisions and prioritising my needs and desires made me healthier and a whole lot happier!

Gone were the times accepting invitations or going along with others’ decisions only to spend the entire time wishing I could be reading a book or watching Gossip Girl! Read more

Inspiration Insider – The Healthy Tradie

The health world it would seem is jam packed full of women. Inspiring and incredible women who provide immense value to this wonderful community of health-aware people, however the female-skew is not lost on me nor I imagine on you.

So with this in mind, when a friend put me on to @thehealthytradie via Instagram mid-way through last year, I was super excited to find out that Dane was a health-aware, beach-loving, positive and genuine guy who was passionate about his story inspiring others!

What’s not to love about that?

Since then I have really enjoyed following Dane’s journey (and meals) from detoxing parasites and super-strict eating to embracing and enjoying home cooked meals, super fresh produce, eating goose heart and his famous avo slides! He offers a balanced perspective on all things health and wellbeing so I will let him tell you his story; how worrying about food choices 24/7 can make you sick, that none of us are perfect and how good catching your own dinner feels. Allow yourself to be inspired…

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Switch it Up to stay on track: Workout Swap

All of us get bored with our workouts.

A change in routine; including eating habits; from time-to-time is of huge benefit.

Not only does it keep things interesting though it also provides your body with new information and new challenges. Although there is a whole lot of information and advice out there in the universe, sometimes the simplest way can be swapping ideas with a friend.

Collaboration opens up a whole new world of ideas and this week Mum and Daughter felt the full force of that.

When Fitness First approached us earlier this year to work together on their #changeforthebest campaign we were excited. The concept was awesome and sat well with who we are what we believe in; with what YOU guys love to read about.

Looking through the plans, what we were really looking forward to was the workout & recipe swap for Switch it Up week, the week that has been. In fact I have just arrived home from the gym and my bonus workout - thanks Jayne & Katie!!

Who did we swap with?

As a Mum and Daughter team both passionate about living the best life that you can, teaming up with 2 sisters who share the exact same philosophy was cosmic. Enter Jayne & Katie AKA Sweat and Oranges who are full of inspiring and positive messages, experience and smiles! After discovering their instagram account and becoming a fan sometime ago, working together on new and exciting workouts + healthy recipe was a great experience for both Mum and I. Read more

Raw Salted Caramel Protein Balls

The Raw Cacao Protein Ball recipe on our site receives 1500 new hits every single month and a whole lot of praise, so first of all – thank you!

This tells me that you guys love the idea of easy and nutritious snacks that can be made in advance, enjoyed on the go and are not too high in calories!

The recipe is such an easy way to add more protein, fats and quality carbohydrates in your diet, in such a delicious way and also avoid the post-sugar slump of processed, off-the-shelf snacks.

I do have a clean eating cookbook set for release oh-so-soon, though with the above in mind I wanted to create something new for you now.

Enter…. Raw Salted Caramel Protein Balls.

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The truth behind that 6-pack

This is a post that in so many ways, I have been trying to write for 6 months.

It starts with a girl who ate whatever she wanted and lived her life, moves on to a girl who cried herself to sleep starving and full of anxiety, and ends (for now) with a girl who is trying her best to find balance.

The difference in weight between those 3 girls?

Less than 3kgs.

A whole lot of headspace and 3kgs.

In 2007 my renewed interest in fitness surged and competing in running events became my norm. A look to combine my swimming past with my running future led me to commence triathlon training, with the hope to compete in that sport in the months to come. With such a change also came the observation that my body and body fat were not on par with my competitors in that field. Read more

Raw Cake Recipes – to the power of 6

A few weeks ago a friend and follower of our blog posted this raw cake recipe on my Facebook wall, encouraged me to test it and report back.

Of course I loved this challenge…

Last week, with a few adjustments of my own, I created this dessert as you would have seen if you follow me on instagram or our Facebook page. As well as being delicious (and not lasting long) it reminded me of the other raw cakes that I have made in the past and gave me an idea…

Well truthfully, it gave me a few ideas like how maybe my next eBook volume should be desserts-focused?

The other idea though (and point of this post) was to share with you my favourite raw cakes from around the online community – so hard to choose!

So what is a raw cake and how on Earth does it work you ask?

It is as the name suggests, raw, in so much as you do not bake or cook the cake or its’ ingredients. Generally speaking you will find a mixture of nuts, fruit and oil as base ingredients and sometimes additional sweeteners and/or dairy products too. Some recipes call for preparation of certain ingredients though there is no actual cooking to be done. Read more

How to boost your wellbeing

We all have bad days. Days that are tougher than others.

I’m the first to admit that I have really bad days. For no apparent reason I can wake up in the morning and feel that my day ahead will be doomed. It may be centred around the thought that my life isn’t tracking as I had desired, or it may be that my self esteem is at an all time low. Whatever the reason, rational or otherwise, simple steps can be taken to counteract these negative and harmful thoughts. Simple steps should be taken.

We each decide how to feel. How to perceive and assess our day, our week, our lives. This is how we boost our wellbeing.

So what are the steps and how do you go about moving forward from the flood of tears and self loathing that can sometimes happen to even the most socially well adjusted person?

Firstly – it’s not a crime to cry and we all suffer at times with a variety of demons. In fact tears can be a great way to release inner turmoil. Read more

My FAVE instagram accounts

If you are anything like me and find daily inspiration from the social platform known as Instagram, then you also appreciate new accounts to follow and discover.

This list started off as my Top 5 accounts… it very quickly went to 10 and well then I decided it was too hard to choose!!

My favourite health, fitness, food & wellbeing accounts are not in any order whatsoever as each I feel offers genuine and inspired thoughts and unique content. Not about posting photos that make you feel bad though rather to offer uplifting and motivating ideas, imagery and techniques.

As I am a super visual person with high regard for the time, energy and love that an authentic instagram account requires, my fave accounts honour these principles with their owner’s energy literally jumping off the page!

Enjoy…. Read more


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