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What Are You Saying To Yourself When No-One’s Listening?

I was interviewed a little while ago and asked one question that has really stuck with me, or more so my answer has.

If you could ask the women of the world one question, what would it be?

My answer?

Would you speak to yourself as you do if others could hear? 

Right now as you read this, think about how many times already today you’ve spoken to yourself in a way that you wouldn’t want others to hear.

Now there’s nothing wrong with chatting things out loud with yourself from time-to-time though in this instance I’m referring specifically to those silent words we speak to ourselves.

You know the ones right? They often start right first thing in the morning….

You’re selecting your clothes for work and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, “fat cow, nothing ever looks good on you!”

In the office when you’re prepping for a meeting and you kindly remind yourself that “you know nothing and everyone will see straight through my ideas.”

Later at lunch you wonder why the ‘perfect’ girls at work can eat whatever they like and look like they do when “you need to stick to your diet just to look half-decent!”

Later at the gym instead of throwing yourself fully into the workout, you’re distracted and say “I can’t do half of what they’re doing so why bother and everyone’s noticing my wobbly legs anyway!”

Following this charming and positive day of both brutal words and self-loathing you then decide to ditch the stir-fry plans that you had and instead say “I’m ordering pizza – I earned it after the day I’ve had!”

And so the cycle continues… Read more

Watermelon, Haloumi & Mint Salad

Summer has almost arrived in my part of the world and once again its’ seasonal fruit becomes the long-lost friend that you forgot how much you love.

Watermelon is a summer staple in our house. Eaten in big juicy wedges (and all over your face too!), with a spoon straight from the fruit, in juice, iceblocks and best of all; in salads.

The only rule is – it must be cold.  Warm watermelon is simply not doing it justice.

In Australia, this delicious fruit (which is approximately 92% water by the way) is synonymous with summertime. We think of long days with friends at the beach, even longer summer afternoons that become balmy summer nights and fresh, light, juicy salads taken along to a weekend BBQ.

Or is that just me?

My all-time favourite watermelon salad recipe is on quick-draw for me as soon as the season arrives – you can find that one here – though this newbie that I’ve been enjoying over the past 2 weeks, does not disappoint.

3 ingredients.

Now it doesn’t get easier than that! Read more

How To Do A Burpee

It’s no secret that I love to move my body. However and whenever, it just feels good, well actually it feels amazing.

After years of training, competitive sport and an impressive PT of a Mum, I certainly have had my fair share of workout experience.

As I’ve shared with you in the past here, here and here I love functional training or in other words, I love to move my body in ways that support my actual day-to-day life; that assist how I functionally move.

This is how I approach my training and second only to feeling strong for me is feeling athletic.
It may actually be the greatest feeling when it comes to movement. It isn’t about a particular sport and it isn’t about comparing yourself to others, its simply about you, feeling agile, fit and capable all at once – ready for anything!

One of the best ways to access your own athleticism is using interval; and particularly HIIT training. My favourite and go-to movement when it comes to these workouts is the burpee.

Super efficient, functional, commonly mis-performed and almost always hated, this simple movement has incredible benefits and is actually kind of fun (bear with me).Read more

Green Omlette

Sometimes you just know that you need to eat more vegetables. Especially of the green variety right?

As the weather warms up in the southern hemisphere, the layers come off however the remnants of heavier eating in the cooler months often remain. It seems a fairly accepted truth that vegetables are easier and more enticing to consume in warmer weather + they help with those winter body leftovers…

Less heavy / more light. It’s also a time when fast, simple and fresh meals ring true.

Enter >>> My Green Omlette.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or anything in between; this 5-minute wonder is a go-to recipe for me all year-round.

It’s tasty, fast, satisfying and insanely good for you. In one easy recipe you have protein and healthy fats from the eggs combined with endless vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates from the vegetables.

Use whatever green veggies you love/have in the fridge though make sure not to skimp on the herbs as they really bring this dish to life! If you are attempting to bring more greens into your life, this is a fantastic place to start!

Any recipe where you don’t even realise how healthy something is, can’t be bad! Serve it with bread if the mood strikes, hummus, pesto, fresh vegetables and you’re set. Read more

Inspiration Insider | Lee Sutherland

Welcome to this edition of Inspiration Insider, a series that always sees me super excited to share with you the story of someone who is living their dreams in the wellbeing world, kicking goals, inspiring me and no doubt will inspire you too!

Lee Sutherland has a simple philosophy – Move. Live. Nourish.

Through her work (as Director of Fitness In The City), Lee utilises her qualifications in Natural Medicine and Nutrition, Personal Training and Health Coaching to inspire others to find their own groove. This West Australian health & fitness blogger now calls Sydney her home where her dazzling smile and relatable nature is genuine and totally charming. 

Her business came to be from feeling frustrated at the lack of both fitness and health options available that interested her. In Lee’s own words, “I wanted a form of training that made me want to get out of bed in the morning and one that motivated me to lace up my sneakers after I left work. Most of all I wanted to feel supported and encouraged- not just while training but away from training when my motivation levels dropped.”

I had watched Lee’s work from a distance for some time and was always impressed at the variety of her knowledge in the wellbeing world. Meeting and speaking with her in person has absolutely confirmed that this talented lady has a whole lot to offer so let’s hear more…

What does your day on a plate look like?

This changes everyday depending on how early my first client is or if I have a back-to-back session but usually it’s something along the lines of this…. Read more

I’m a Bachelorette Again

Well kind of…. This past week I’ve been living alone once again.

With my incredible husband jetting off to live his dreams (doing the below – yes these are his incredible photos) I have 10 days in the house, just me, myself and I. Up until 3 years ago, this was daily life for me. Coming home to a dark quiet and empty home and you know what?

I freaking loved it!

Living alone as I did for 3 years was awesome. It taught me more about myself than anything else ever has and allowed me to feel ultimate self-strength; I could always rely on myself.

Tippy booked this trip earlier in the year so I knew it was coming and I planned accordingly. I reset my outlook and was not-so-secretly looking forward to it. Even though I consider myself independent; living and partnering with someone undoubtedly means that you start to lean on them. You know those little things like leaving the rubbish which you’re totally capable of taking, for them and asking for a lift to dinner with the girls when a bus will do just fine?

Sometimes you even start to develop bad little habits whether that be eating a little more than you need because you serve him that amount or maybe not doing that last set at the gym because you want to get home to see him. The reality is that these things are all good and perfectly normal. Of course we want to spend time with the ones we love, they want to help and support us and who the heck likes public transport over private cars anyway…

It’s just that the “we” sometimes becomes more powerful than the “me” and this isn’t so helpful.

I was looking forward to and have enjoyed re-affirming my own life. Being together and being a happy duo doesn’t mean checking out from yourself, though how many of us do this exact thing?! Don’t we all have that friend who you never hear from now that she’s loved up? Or perhaps we are her?

Read more

I Ate Ice Cream Last Night

It wasn’t even just ice cream. It was delicious vanilla ice cream covered in espresso and Frangelico liqueur…

After a divine dinner out with Mum, I didn’t even hesitate to order it nor did I feel a thing about that fact.

So why is it then that 3 (delightful) mouthfuls of alcoholic and caffeinated ice cream would be such a big deal anyway?

Because I never drink coffee at night.

I said it to myself, it made sense (concerns of it affecting my sleep among other things) and therefore I never deviated.


Because I’m insanely good at sticking to rules. My own anyway. I’ve very little to say about following other people’s rules and an assessment of my school reports will confirm this analysis…

It had occurred to me in a fairly profound way on that exact ice cream/coffee eating day that setting and abiding by rules has most certainly assisted growth in many facets of life though that doesn’t mean it’s always served me.

The problem with rules is that the only way they work is if, like us, we allow and encourage them to grow, develop and change. Read more

A Day On My Plate

This is something that I’m asked about quite a lot so I thought it was time to give you the updated version.

I have posted about this in the past though like all of us, I change and so does life. The journey develops and naturally so does how we eat however for me, my food focus remains the same. It’s all about whole foods, eating as close to nature as possible and keeping it simple because eating need not be complicated or extreme.

Finding a balance between eating what I love and what makes me feel nourished and satisfied. Like you, each day is different and of course what I eat changes too. Some days I eat more, some days less and some days I even drink wine and have dessert (yes I’m human!) however what has become more and more vital to me is tuning in to my own instincts when it comes to food. Eating when I’m hungry and not because it’s lunchtime, consuming the amount that I need to feel satisfied instead of full and listening to signals that tell me when my body doesn’t like something, or when it does!

It’s adjustment, it’s a journey and it’s damn delicious. I would consider myself an impassioned food activist (how awesome is that?!), supporting other women on their own path to optimal health and wellbeing and letting them know that it can be done without the stress and the misery. That you can…

eat well

look good

feel great

I tell you it’s the greatest job on Earth! Read more

Why I Need To Take My Own Advice… and Maybe You Do Too

You know those days that you wake up feeling flat? When one thing leads to another and you spiral…..?

Last Friday I woke up feeling pretty damn flat, crappy actually and not at all myself. The morning was quiet and regular if not a little inefficient. After a nourishing brekkie, I got through some work and made it to yoga. By the time I arrived though, I was starting to become teary and not surprisingly, the dynamic flow class on the timetable brought me to actual tears by the end (not the first time yoga has done this to me.)

On the short walk back home I was struggling to hold back the tears and upon arriving home, spent the next 10 minutes feeling almost paralysed by my emotions.

That afternoon I decided, after some very good sisterly advice (thanks sis!) that I needed to stop.

After searching for reasons all day as to why I felt so ordinary, why my energy levels were flailing and what was going on for me, it hit me in the face – I had ignored myself for too long.

I recognised that weeks and weeks of working 7 days pushing myself night and day, forging full steam ahead to create, liaise, build, collaborate and live out my dreams was catching up with me.

It was all push and no pull.

I recognised that I was exhausted and nearing burn-out. For a person who loudly advocates taking care of yourself, it felt as if I really needed take my own advice. Even the strongest and most dedicated among us, need time out and all too often we perform poorly in this area.

Don’t we? Read more

Fish & Chips

A serious classic and would you believe one that I’ve never made before?

Until now that is.

Fish & Chips – the dish enjoyed by so many of us and linked to whimsical summer holiday memories. For me, not so much as fish has never been my preferred protein choice. Yes, shocking I know. The immense nutritional benefits of these swimming creatures has never been lost on me though I’ve not been able to bring myself to love the stuff. Tolerate though not love.

Again, until now.

Fish truly is brain food and the experts tell us that we can enjoy the sustainable and fresh variety 3 times a week. You know I’m not a fan of nutritional rules (other than to eat awesome wholefoods!) so I say eat it when you feel like it and know that you’re doing your body and mind a great service when you do.

My take on this classic dish is all about baking and keeping that flavour locked in.

Baked fish rocks! It’s super quick, uncomplicated and packed full of flavour. It also means you can swing by your local fishmonger after work and 30 minutes after coming home have a delicious dinner ready for you. Read more


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