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Cellulite Shame

This is the post that I have wanted and equally not wanted to write for months.

An entire post centred around a word that brings horror to most women’s faces at the mere mention of it. A powerful word and an even more powerful reality for many of us.

I’m no different and that’s why this post has lingered in drafts for so long. However I’ve learnt that the more resistance I have to share a story, the more that I need to and perhaps the greater value that it has to offer you.

Long-term readers will know all about my devotion to health & wellbeing; how I love to train and eat delicious wholefoods. You’ll also know that in the past I have obsessed over every morsel that I have eaten and lived a fairly strict existence all in the name of my own appearance.

What I have never shared with you though is my intensely deep shame… that I have cellulite.

You see, this doesn’t fit the picture. The one where I’m excited and devoted to empowering and inspiring you on your own health & wellbeing journey. The one where I train consistently and effectively. The one where I eat nourishing wholefoods and share recipes with you. It just doesn’t fit.

I should be flawless. I should be strong, athletic, fit and lean. Healthy and fit girls don’t have cellulite.* Who the heck am I to inspire with this reality on the back of my legs? Read more

Green Dream – The Perfect Green Juice

You know how it goes.

Eat more green vegetables for optimal health. We’ve been hearing that message since we were kids and I’m not going to be the one to say differently because it’s certainly true.





Nature’s Detox.

When you choose to juice your green vegetables there are some top tips to remember:

  1. If you wouldn’t sit down to eat 1kg of kale, then perhaps don’t drink it
  2. Be mindful of balancing the vegetables with just the right amount of fruit
  3. Don’t feel intimidated by green juices
  4. Drink the juice immediately as with regular juicing there is no shelf life

For anyone that follows my Instagram or Facebook  you will know that I’m certainly a fan of drinking my greens though that wasn’t always the case. However over time I figured out the perfect entry level green juice – not too green, not too sweet, not too expensive! Even hubby likes it…

The inclusion of coconut water means that this juice will be super hydrating and you may like to enjoy it in the morning or the afternoon. If you find it too sweet for you, feel free to cut back to using 1/2 an apple or even less as you go though this combo is super duper delicious and nourishing just as it is! Read more

Inspiration Insider | Kate Dalton

Here we are again – another edition of Inspiration Insider where I am always super excited to share with you the story of someone who is pushing the envelope, kicking goals, inspiring me and no doubt will inspire you too!

It was only a few months ago that I read an awesome piece on Broadsheet all about the lovely Miss Kate Dalton. As I read a little about Kate’s journey I felt both excited and proud. There are so many killer individuals out there rocking their vibe and it makes my heart sing to see it and when their purpose is to bring about positivity and the rest of the world takes notice too, well that’s just freaking awesome!

What really captured my attention was Kate’s vision and her “give it a go” attitude. A gorgeous and intelligent young woman who whilst studying Naturopathy launched her own business; hand-making 100 per cent organic, medicinal-grade tea. Oozing from her website, every photograph and each word written about her was love and beauty. This girl was right behind the products that she made and of course I wanted to know more.

So much so that I reached out and got to know all about Kate; her business, her dreams (she’s moved to Byron to begin growing and harvesting her own herbs!), how she eats and her thoughts to live by for a healthy and happy life.

 Let’s dive right in with the gorgeous, natural and inspiring Kate Dalton…. Read more

Greek Salad Perfection

The Greeks have had it right for quite some time.

When it comes to food, so many of their meals are about simplicity, freshness and colour so that’s tick, tick, tick for me! Last year, I visited Greece for the first time and experienced for myself this awesome and natural way to eat plus I got to try one of my all-time favourite dishes in its’ homeland.

The Greek Salad.

The salad that is all-too often left sitting for hours with soggy tomatoes, associated with bad take-away and generally looked down upon when it comes to modern food. Well I’m here to tell you it need not be the case and that this super quick and delicious salad should get back on your menu…

As you know I am all about the salad and feel as if I have a fairly solid foundation of knowledge on the topic. When eating raw salads, the first and foremost point to consider is the quality of the ingredients. As always, though particularly in this case, buy the best that you possibly can and you’ll find this humble dish elevated to superstar status; it’s that simple.

The 3 must-haves:

  1. Heirloom tomatoes to lend sweetness and variety to the flavour
  2. Fresh oregano – you just wait
  3. Organic and seriously good quality fetta cheese

Read more

Do You Need to Count Calories?

Wow isn’t this is a hotly debated area? It’s also an area that I have discussed before on the blog and all over social media as well.

The science

Each of us have what is called a resting metabolic rate (RMR) meaning that in order to function exactly at the state we’re in now we need to consume x amount of calories per day.

For instance I currently weigh 60kg, have 45kg of lean muscle mass and my RMR sits at 1560 calories/day.

So that means in order to maintain my current state, I need to consume 1560 calories each day before taking into account my lifestyle and activity level.

Another example is Lisa* who currently weighs 52kg, has 27kg of lean muscle mass and an RMR of 1207 calories/day.

Also my husband Tippy who currently weighs 85kg, has 60kg of lean muscle mass and an RMR of 2100 calories/day.

This is a wonderful way to illustrate how powerful body composition is especially as it has to do with your day-to-day eating habits and health and fitness goals.

The old adage of men being able to eat more food is linked with their naturally higher muscle content than women and as you can see from the above 3 examples, more muscle means more calories and more muscle means more fat burnt.

In order to create and maintain muscle (get that bodybuilder image out of your head right now), our bodies require an individual approach to calorie distribution in the form of proteins, fats and carbohydrates AKA macronutrients.

Additionally in order to lose body fat, we need to consume less than we expend. To lose body fat and crucially not sacrifice muscle mass (you can see from the above how important it is), the science of calories in vs calories out as well as the type of those calories is the crunch point.

TIP09016 Read more

The Died and Gone To Heaven Chocolate Thickshake

There are few things as nostalgic to most people than a thick shake.

It is a calling to a time long gone and hopefully to a way of eating that’s in the past as well. Unfortunately the thick in most thick shakes include a long list of less-than-ideal choices for our bodies to thrive, that includes processed ice-cream and many lab-created chemicals/food-like products.

So I decided it was time to let you in on a little secret… The secret to velvety, rich and decadent shakes every single time. Decadent yes and simple, natural and nutritious as well.

Frozen banana.

That’s it. That’s the secret. It’s that easy (and cheap!) that you may not believe me. Easier still is that you don’t even need to cut them up! Each week we buy bananas, peel them, break them up roughly and freeze in glass containers for our smoothies and shakes throughout the week, it couldn’t be easier. Read more

Why I’m Not Celebrating My Birthday Tomorrow

….at least not in the traditional sense.

Over the years I have had some fairly incredible birthday celebrations; whether that be elaborate parties with all of my friends, week-long celebrations or even flying to other countries. The Leo in me (yes I like astrology) loved that. In fact the Leo in me relished that.

Tomorrow I turn 29.

I will wake up in my own bed at home and have somewhat of a quiet day, taking the time to be myself. After a morning gym session, the hubby and I are headed to one of my fave spots for lunch followed by a raw treat detour, some wandering/meandering around that neighbourhood and a quiet family dinner.

Fairly different from this…

IMG_0225 Read more

Gluten-Free Brown Rice & Quinoa Salad

Most of us have a dish that we always take to BBQ’s, gatherings and picnics. The kind of meal that ticks the simple, abundant and crowd-pleaser boxes with ease.

This meal is that for me.

I watched in delight the first time that I saw people enjoying this meal, people who couldn’t care less about the best choice for their body and they were loving it! This recipe has since been fine-tuned and made on many an occasion in my life, including dinner at home!

It was served at both my eBook launch and Clean Eating Workshop in June to much acclaim and recently both The Daily Telegraph and my local paper The Mosman Daily featured the recipe (and a little about me) for their readership  – it is a seriously awesome salad that I know you will love too.

No surprise then that that dish was also one of the first inclusions in my eBook EAT WELL LOOK GOOD FEEL GREAT which is available here for download on iPad and Mac.

The recipe is gluten-free, vegan and the base ingredients can easily be made in advance saving you time and stress if cooking for many people or you simply have a busy lifestyle. You guys know how crazy I am for preparation by now….

As is the case for all recipes in my eBook, this dish is to serve one person though is easily multiplied for when you have other hungry mouths to feed OR as I do at home, make enough for a few days. The shining ingredient that brings everything together here is the coriander pesto which is made simply and cheaply in minutes as well as being a super handy and versatile inclusion for your fridge. My instagram is full of other ways to use the pesto and this post is another delicious option too!

Read more

Travel is the Best Medicine

There’s nothing like crossing the Nile River in a huge flying tube to put things in perspective.

The perspective that being away from home can be just as good as coming back.

That stepping away from the routine, from the everyday, even from what you know and love; that this is where the magic happens. This is where life SPARKLES.

Yesterday I boarded a plane, a plane just like the others I had been fortunate enough to board in my life. What made this plane special however was that I wasn’t crapping my pants to be getting on it. When I woke up that morning, when I ate my granola, when I was in the car, when I checked in, when I cleared immigration and security, when I enjoyed a fresh juice, when I cleared security again and even when I was in the boarding tunnel with the plane in sight (and smell) – nothing. No fear, no anxiety, no concerns.

Instead I took one look at my new husband thanking him for his company and love on our trip, bid farewell to Dubai and simply… boarded the plane. The thing is I have not just boarded a plane for close to 15 years. Not even for a 1.5-hour trip to Melbourne and certainly not one with a 14-hour journey ahead of it.

Read more

Inspiration Insider | Amanda Bisk

Another volume of Inspiration Insider has arrived.

Another opportunity for me to showcase the immense talent, passion and awesomeness of others in the wellbeing space – I love doing this!

I love it because no matter what level your wellness journey is at, inspiration never hurts for any of us. Inspiration can come in many forms and today that form is – Amanda Bisk.

The super bendy, super athletic and super awesome, Amanda Bisk.

With a cult following of over a quarter million fans and growing each day, it may feel as if you could have little in common with this lady though she is as lovely as they come. Down-to-earth, funny and devoted to health; her own and ours too; what’s not to love?

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda at an industry event a few months back and as we have mutual friends we have kept in touch. Moving to Sydney earlier this year with her boyfriend Adam (the talented guy behind most of Amanda’s incredible photos), she has settled in to her east coast life with ease and grace and it has been a pleasure getting to know her better and continuing to be inspired by all that she does.

As an Exercise Physiologist and Former Australian Pole Vaulter, Amanda feels incredibly passionate about motivating and inspiring others to live the best life that they can; her awesome instagram competition #benditlikebisky is proof of that. With her competitive sporting and Olympic hopeful past, she knows a thing or two about what it takes to chase your dreams, and on the flip side how it feels to crash down as well. This bubbly, authentic and kind individual is perfect for our latest edition of Inspiration Insider so let’s dive right in…. Read more


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